Summer Entertaining: 3 Easy Snacks To Serve

Here's how to get three delicious party snacks from just one ingredient!

[MUSIC] Another recipe that I love to do on the grill, and it's perfect for parties, are chicken wings. Our chicken wings are traditionally fried, right? And frying makes them delicious. But it's a little messy for home. The advantage of cooking chicken wings on the grill is that one, you're not smelling up your house with fried oil and, two, you pick up those delicious aromas from the grill, that charbroil smoky taste that makes chicken wings delicious. Chicken wings are also excellent for parties because you can toss them in different flavored sauces in order to have several varieties of appetizer. So you can do one in the traditional Buffalo style hot sauce. You could do another one with a Louisiana style beer sauce. And you could also toss them in a chimichurri. And for very little extra work, you can have three different appetizers, that are all colorful, beautiful, and absolutely delicious. [MUSIC]
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