Summer Entertaining: A Fun and Easy Way To Serve Cocktails

Serve up some classy cocktails at your next party with these ideas.

[MUSIC] Special cocktails are a great way to break the ice. Because you can tell a story about why the cocktail's special. Whether it's a special alcohol that you've got to make the drink, or because the the cocktail might have some special significance to you. One of my favorite cocktails to serve is the Mojito. And I'll also generally make a nojito, which is a mojito but without the alcohol. That way people who don't want to drink alcohol, can have the nojito. And so there's a little story behind it, that I can tell people and start a conversation with them. Another thing I like to do when I'm serving cocktails at a party. Is to make a punch size recipe. In other words, I'm not gonna make individual drinks per guest, right? Because then I'm occupied with shaking, and, and busy preparing these these individual drinks. instead, I'll make the beverage ahead of time, and make enough to fill a pitcher. And then when somebody wants the beverage, I just get a glass full of ice, and then pour the cocktail into the glass, and serve it like that. [MUSIC]
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