What is Cardamom-Counter Intelligence

Cardamom is an aromatic spice that is a relative of ginger; it's what gives chai tea its distinctive flavor. The intense flavor comes from the seeds inside the pods-green is floral and eucalyptus-like, black is bold and smoky.

Oh, my cardamom. I don't mean cardigan. I don't mean cardamom. I just mean cardamom. So spicy and aromatic, I'm just a cardamom, love and addict. It's in the Middle East or Scandinavia, all those sweets, that's a lot of flavor. Hanging [unk] ginger and the bamboo tree. [unk] my chunky taste that cannot be beat. You could try it in green and sweetened flavor. You don't love that taste, then just like normal or try it in black, it's gold and smoky. It's wonderful [unk] joky. Cardamom, oh my cardamom. Cardamom.
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