What is Umami—Counter Intelligence

Umami is the fifth basic taste; the Japanese translation means “pleasant, savory taste” or “yummy.” L-glutamate is the amino acid responsible for umami; it’s found in cooked meats, aged cheeses, soy products.

-Can we name the five basic tastes? -Sweet, sour, salty, bitter. -And? -And-- -Close-- mami-- -My mommy? -No, mommy. It's Japanese for savory or yummy, Japanese [unk] century ago. It's found in cooked meats, aged cheeses, soy and other foods. To be technical it's [unk] glutamate. It enhances flavors. It tricks you. Makes salt, tastes saltier and satisfies like fattier foods so you can cut back on fat and sodium. Just eat lots of mami rich in goodies.
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