What is a Tagine—Counter Intelligence

A tagine is a North African cooking vessel used for cooking an aromatic stew of the same nam. The conical design creates a high moisture, high temperature cooking environment: steam rises up into the cone, condenses, then trickles back down into the bottom.

-What is that? -It's Tagine. -I thought a Tagine was a Moroccan stew. -It is. -With moist and tender meat and veggies. -It is. -Then what's that? -That is also a Tagine. -A Tagine is a North African cooking vessel of 2 parts made of heavy clay or a stoneware. -Looks like a volcano. -Steam rises up, condenses, and trickles back down like a slow cooker or Dutch oven. -So the Tagine is the pot and the meal. -Yes, it is. -Yes it is. -Yum. -Yum.
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