What are Haricot Verts—Counter Intelligence

"Haricot verts is the French term for green beans. They're longer and thinner than American varieties, they're more tender, and have a more complex flavor, They're sometimes called the “squeaky bean.”

-Haricot ver-- -Who's Haricot Verts? -Not who, what. What is haricot verts? -Okay. What is haricot verts? -It's a French word for green beans. -Oh, la la. -Yes. -Haricot verts. -Green beans. -Oh, la la. -Haricot verts. -No. -Green beans. -Haricot verts. -Did you know haricot verts are longer and thinner than the American variety. Some call it the squeaky bean because of the noise it makes on your teeth when you eat them. Plus they are more tender and have a more complex flavor. -Much more complex. -Check out haricot verts. -Haricot verts. -Eat away. -Cook away. -Squeeze away and enjoy. Haricot verts.
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