Bob Evans Roastini

-These Mashtini is an entire entry right in the Martini glass. It's a Roastini. And Chef David Eisel is back from Bob Evans to show us how it's done. -Absolutely. We're gonna start with a little [unk]. We're gonna kind of swirl that inside the glass. It gives a little flavor in the bottom and it also-- it's really nice to smell. -Always too good with the roast, right? -Absolutely. And so we've taken some horseradish and added that to our mashed potatoes, so we're gonna place those in a glass. -Gives it4 a good kick I'm sure. -Does really well with roast beef. And so that's the next thing that we're gonna add. -You got the beef and I to get start on the toppings here. And where can we find this recipe? -You can find this recipe on Facebook. This is one of four or five that we've done for the holidays. It's part of a larger collection. And you can find the Bob Evans products that we've used to build this in your grocery store. -And this little goat cheese? -That is all goat cheese. So we have some crispy fried shallots added some chives and we're gonna finish it with some goat cheese and some [unk]. -All right. Thank you Chef. And to check out this recipe and all the other mash in your recipes we're showing you this week at over to
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