Bob Evans Sweet Tater Twist

Prepare Bob Evans Original Mashed and Mashed Sweet Potatoes by following these simple steps.

-I'm a huge sweet potato fan. That's why Chef David Eisel from Bob Evans is here to show us how to make sweet tater twist Mashtini. That sounds yummy. -Absolutely. -And it fills together really quickly. -Let's get started. -So, yeah, the mashed potatoes take about 5 minutes to heat up, and these are real mashed potatoes. They have real milk, real butter. -Can I get you the sweet potato here? Alright. -please throw that in there and we'll-- -That's easy. -go with another layer of the mashed potatoes. -With little more of that layer. -Here's the mash [unk]. -It seems really easy and this would save time I would think in the kitchen. -The sweet potatoes and the mashed potatoes. They only take 5 minutes to heat up. -Perfect. -Here we go. -Let's gonna take some crispy bacon, place that on top of Mashtini. -And where can people find the recipe? -Actually, this Sunday if you're looking the coupon inserted in your paper, you'll be able to find this recipe and we're gonna finish off with a maple syrup. -That's so easy. Thank you chef. You're gonna come back again tomorrow to do another one, right? -Absolutely. -Perfect. -To find out how you can make a Mashtini, just log on to
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