Bob Evans Mashtini

-All week we're giving a mashed potato a makeover during Mashtini week. Check this out, it's called a thanks-tini. It's all your traditional Thanksgiving food layered together in a Martini glass. I'm here with Chef David Eisel from Bob Evans to us how make this festive dish. Welcome. -Thank you. So, first we're gonna start with our original mashed potatoes and these are made with real butter, real cream, and we actually have a secret process to keep the lumps in just like you had make at home. So, I'm gonna have you take some of these toppings. They are home styles topping. -This is so easy. -With our favorite sage sausage and some dried cranberries mixed in -Now, did come up with this? -I did. Yeah, the reason we put this recipes together was to thank our consumers for making us the number refrigerated mashed potato in the country, and we're gonna take a little bit of roasted turkey. -It looks so beautiful and I love the Martini glass. -Little bit of sage right there on the side. We're gonna finish that off with some turkey gravy. -You can't miss the gravy. -Got to have gravy for Thanksgiving. -So, easy thank you so much. Chef Eisel is gonna be here all week with different mashtini ideas. If you wanna make your own mashtini, you can buy the ingredients at your local grocery stores and get the recipes go to
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