Bob Evans Mac 'N' Mashtini

"Macaroni, cheese, and mashed potatoes--serve your guests comfort food in a martini glass!"

-We had a great wait in our mashtini week. This is called the Mac 'N' Mashtini combining our two favorite comfort foods and of course Chef David Eisel here from Bob Evans. Once again, to show us how to make it. -So we're gonna start with another one of our side dish products and this is our macaroni and cheese. Again, you could find this the mashed potatoes or sausage products all at your local grocery store. After the macaroni and cheese, we're gonna add some bread crumbs. Sprinkle those on tops with toasted bread crumbs and then our original mashed potatoes. Layer those on top. I wanna just scoop a little bit more Mac 'N' and cheese on their just for a garnish. -Okay. -And then next we're gonna add some diced ham and then we'll finish that all off with a little chopped parsley. -And this is great for mashtini bar at any holiday party you have. -For sure, we really like to be our guest resource for the holidays. You can come to our website. We have party planning guides and, you know, the reasons we put this-- this recipes together was to thank our consumers for making us the number one refrigerated mashed potato in the country. -We'll you've made some easy recipes. So, thank you so much. Of course for this recipe and all the recipes that we made this week, just go to
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