Bob Evans Autumn Mashtini

-It's the perfect time of year to start cooking with seasonal vegetables and this Mashtini has all that you can ever want your fall can be. And of course, Chef David Eisel is back from Bob Evans to help us how to make this fall pop. -Absolutely. -Beautiful. -Well, we're gonna start with our original mashed potatoes. These are made with fresh potatoes, real butter, milk, and then we also have some roasted vegetables. We have some butternut squash, some roasted zucchini. We toast that with some papers. -So, colorful. -Some Kalamata olives, little bit of olive oil with some fresh herbs. -And where can everyone find the recipe of this? -You can find this recipe on our Facebook page. We also have coming out this Sunday some coupons in the coupon section of Sunday paper. We're adding our original sausage, and this is the product that really started at all for Bob Evans, almost 60 years ago. -Really. -So, we're very proud of that as well and we're just gonna finish it off with some shredded parmesan cheese. -Give it one more cheese on top. Thank you so much Dave, and to find the recipe we made today, you can go to or you can check out their Facebook page with lots of exciting things happening their this week.
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