Chicken Chili with Black Beans and Corn

By substituting chicken for beef and loading up on beans and fresh vegetables, this chili recipe is healthier than most!

-I'm Hala and I love to cook at home. I just think it's a healthier option for everyone in my family. Today I'm gonna show you how to take a delicious chilli recipe and make it a lot healthier. Start by turning on our stove, get it nice and warm and I'm gonna add some vegetable oil and I'm using skinless, boneless chicken breast. Sloping that in for the ground beef, cuts back on the fat and calories. To that, I'm adding some delicious fresh vegetables, some chopped ring pepper and some chopped onions. I love cooking with fresh vegetables. My kids don't always like picking them out of the garden but, hey, you do what you gotta do right? Now, to that I'm gonna add some spices. I've got some McCormick Paprika, I've got some McCormick garlic powder and some McCormick cumin here. I've also got some oregano and just a pinch of red pepper, gives a little kick. The smell from the spices-- oh my goodness. This is the point where my kids start running in the kitchen and asking what's for dinner. When you're trying to cook healthy for your family, go for flavor over fat. I'm gonna add some chicken stock and some no-salt added diced tomatoes so we can cut back on the sodium. And believe me, you're not even gonna miss that salt because of all that flavor we've added with the spices. I've got some drained beans in here, some northern beans and some black beans, good punch of fiber to that Chilli and we've got some frozen corn there. All this ingredients can just hang out, get to know each other for a while and in no time at all, I have got a healthy wholesome meal for my family and you would be shocked on how much flavor is packed into this dish. Well, soups on and it's time to eat.
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