Oven Fried Chicken

It's possible - crunchy, flavorful fried chicken can be healthy. Eating well does not mean having to sacrifice full flavor with this oven fried chicken recipe.

-Hi, I'm Hannah. And I'm gonna show you how to make some amazing oven-fried chicken. Now, my mama is the guru of fried chicken. Growing up, no matter where we were in the neighborhood, when we smell that chicken frying, we would come running. I'm gonna show you how to make a healthier version of that delicious Southern fried chicken. You wanna get a really hot heat in your oven because that's gonna make that chicken so crispy. And next, we're gonna mix up some flour and spices. I've got some McCormick oregano. And remember, when you're cutting down on fat, you wanna pump up the flavor. It's so easy to do with spices. Some McCormick pepper, some seasoned salt. I'm gonna mix all that together. And I'm gonna put some milk over here, and that's what I'm gonna dredge my chicken in. So, I coat it in the milk, and then, just put it in the spices and flour. Now, I like to use skinless, boneless breasts and thighs because it's a great way to cut back on the fat. And I promise, one whiff of this, and your kids are gonna come running. I don't care where they are. Drizzle a little melted butter on top. Now, pop it in the oven. Cooking it in the oven instead of the frying pan makes it a lot healthier. The chicken's done and the smell in this kitchen is crazy good. Now, remember eating well does not mean you have to sacrifice some of your family's favorite meals. Just pump up the flavor with those herbs and spices, and you have got it made.
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