How to Make Ravioli

If you are looking for an extra special fall treat learn how to make this pumpkin filled ravioli with shaved parmesan cheese on top. This dish made from scratch is sure to impress.

-Hi everyone, I'm Judith. Well today, we'll be making Pumpkin Filled Ravioli, a very impressive dinner dish making it from scratch shall I say. So, the ingredients you will need for this is 2 cups of all-purpose flour; 3 slightly beaten eggs; a dash of salt; 3 tablespoons of butter; a dash of salt; 3 tablespoons of ground amaretti cookies or almond biscotti; dash ground nutmeg; dash of ground saffron; a dash of ground cloves; dash of ground cinnamon; a dash of ground red pepper; 1 bay leaf; 2/3 cup of canned pumpkin; 1/3 cup of grated Parmesan cheese; 2 tablespoons of soft bread crumbs; 8 ounces of porcini mushrooms or other mushrooms that you have, sliced; 1/4 cup of butter; 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese; Fresh basil sprigs; and Shredded Parmesan cheese as extra. Alright, so first things first. Let's do our ravioli base, our pasta base. So, in a food processor, we're gonna add our flour in there, our eggs and our salt. Now, if you don't have a food processor, and you're doing it by hand that's absolutely fine, all you gonna do is get your flour into mound on your surface, on your board. You're gonna make a little well. You're gonna have a little hole in the middle and then you're gonna add in your eggs into that and your salt, and then you're just gonna put the flour on top of the eggs and knead into a dough, and it's gonna be quite thick, but you're gonna do by hand that's fine. Today, we're relaxing a little bit. I'm gonna do in the food processor. So, in there goes and we're just gonna pulse that until a ball forms. So, that should now have become more of a dough like consistency, yes, it has should be thick and formed a bit of a ball like we have there. Yes, very good, just what we wanted. Be careful there. So, we're gonna put that into a bowl, and we're gonna let it rest covered for about 30 minutes. All right, so while our dough is resting, let us do our pumpkin filling. So, we're gonna add in our 3 tablespoons of butter, our amaretti biscotti, whatever you're using, and your bay leaf in there too. Let that melt down. So butter is melting in there and now we're gonna add in our salt and all of these lovely spices, so saffron, which is one of the most expensive spice, but just gives such a wonderful flavor and color. We have our red pepper, our cloves, our cinnamon, and our nutmeg going in there, and we're just gonna heat that for about 1 to 2 minutes until that heats through and that smell of all those beautiful spices is gonna go great with our ravioli. So, once that's heated up for about a couple of minutes, let's turn off the heat. Let's discard our bay leaf. We can fish it out, oops, where's that. Wonderful, oh, that's looking very good right now. And now, we're gonna add in our pumpkin, our bread crumbs, and our parmesan cheese, and we're just gonna stir that in to all those 1 wonderful flavors. That is gonna make such a beautiful filling for our ravioli. So, we can set that aside, and we'll get our ravioli dough back in here and we'll flatten it out. So, we pour ravioli dough back. That's been sitting out for 30 minutes. So, we're gonna flour our work surface, and we are going to roll out our ravioli dough, wanna we get it nice and thin. So, once you've rolled out your ravioli dough into much of a rectangles as you can about 30 x 10 inches and as much as possible wanna get it nice and thin, and we're gonna now cut it in to squares. Obviously, it does take a little bit of work to do that, you know, the dough is gonna be stiff with the eggs in the flour. So, it's gonna take a little bit of time, but I'm telling you, a worth to wait, so what we're gonna do now is gonna cut our dough into squares, about 2 x 2 inches, so as best you can, we're just gonna cut a long into little squares, and we're gonna repeat this with the rest of our dough. So, same thing, just more of 2 x 2, and we'll cut them up. So, once our ravioli are cut into squares, we're now gonna add the filling, so using about 1/2 teaspoon of our mixture, we're gonna put that into the center of one of our ravioli doughs. Then, we're gonna just moisten it the outside edges with some water or with egg, whatever you prepare. Well then gonna get another one of our ravioli squares, and we're just gonna place it on top. Obviously, they are not all be matching, but we'll just moisten that down with our fingers so that the 2 doughs come together like so and there you go, there you have your little ravioli. So, we're gonna repeat that process with all of our ravioli squares. So 1/2 teaspoon in the center. Moisten the outside, another one on top of that as best as possible, and then we're just gonna flatten the outside edges with the fingers. Alright, so we'll keep going with that. Alright, so, all of ravioli has now been filled with our pumpkin mixture looking great. I can't wait to put this in the boiling water. So, we're just boiling a large put of water right here. Once it comes to boiling, you can add our ravioli. Now, these are gonna cook about 6 to 8 minutes. You want them cooked through, but also you want them still a little bit firm, al dente, so we'll pout those in, and they're done, then we're just gonna drain them and set them aside. Okay, as our ravioli is cooking, let's whip up or sauce, so what we're gonna do is add our remaining butter in our pan, and once that's melted, we're then gonna add in our mushrooms, and obviously add in your mushrooms of choice, whatever like best, and we're gonna cook this until they're golden brown and the butter has browned. Alright, so our pumpkin ravioli is done. We've drained it in a colander. So, it's nice, fresh, soft, still a little bit al dente and firm, and what we're gonna do now is add this lovely buttery mushroom sauce into it on the top, got a lot lovely butter on there, and then we'll add in 1/4 cup of our parmesan cheese, give that a good stir, so it covers all the ravioli. Oh, that looks good. And then, let's transfer that to a bowl. So, that cheese is gonna melt in just beautiful. It's nothing like fresh ravioli and this is a great run for the vegetarians of course, one more in there. Fantastic and then last but not the least, we're just gonna garnish that with a little bit of our fresh basil leaves, in there goes, oh that's just gonna smell wonderful. It all ready smells great, the pumpkin, the mushroom, and then we're just gonna sprinkle some of that extra shredded parmesan cheese on top. There you go and that is how you make your pumpkin filled ravioli.
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