How to Make Easy Chicken Pita Sandwiches

For a quick, healthy meal learn how to make these easy chicken pita sandwiches. The pita perfectly holds this delicious combination of chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and more.

-Hey everybody, it's Chef Lovely, and today we're going to prepare Easy Chicken Pita Sandwiches. Here are the ingredients: 2 cans White and Dark Chunk Chicken in Water that has been drained; 1/2 cup reduced fat or fat free creamy ranch salad dressing, today we will be using fat free creamy ranch salad dressing; 4 6-inch) pita breads , cut in half forming 2 pockets; 8 tomato slices; 8 lettuce leaves. Alright everybody, so let's get started on this delicious and easy meal. I'm gonna bring a bowl right in front of me, and I'm gonna add in our chicken. Now, we have our chicken in the bowl. Let's go in with our ranch dressing. This is fat free. So, it's gonna be much healthier for and still gonna give us tons and tons of flavor. Make sure we get all of that and-- My nieces and nephews absolutely love ranch dressing. So, I tried to sneak in below fat, low cal dressing as much as I can. Okay, now, let's give that a stir making sure that every little pice of chicken is coated evenly with out dressing, and there we go, how simple and easy is that? Now, we're also gonna use a little bit of lettuce and tomato. So, for my tomatoes, I'm gonna season this just a little bit of and pepper making sure that every components of our dish has tons of flavor, little bit of salt, little bit of black, pepper. So, there we go, easy and delicious Okay, great. So, now let's build this pita. So here we go. We're gonna take our pita and we've already sliced it to make our self a nice pocket so we can stick all of our delicious ingredients in. So, I'm gonna go in with a piece of lettuce first. This is kind of like of a bit that you're making on the inside. If your pit tears a little bit on the outside that's okay because this would be the first side that I take a bite of. Okay, now, let's add in our slice of tomato, and then we're gonna go in with out 2 big scoops of our chicken and fat free ranch salad dressing. There we go, and look at that. It's absolutely delicious. It's red. It has the beautiful chicken on the inside without beautiful ranch dressing and this is ready to eat. I'm gonna show you how to make one more. So, again, really easy, we're gonna open up our pocket here of our pita. We're gonna put down some of our lettuce first to kind of make bit to hold all our ingredients, go in with that season slice of tomato, just a little bit of salt and pepper, and then 2 nice spoonfuls of our chicken mixture right here on the bowl. Quick, easy, fun, absolutely delicious. Alright, everyone, so we have stuffed our 8 pitas without delicious chicken salad, lettuce, and tomato. So, I want you to make this at home and I want you enjoy because it's absolutely delicious, and that's how you make our Easy Chicken Pita sandwiches.
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