How to Cook Stuffed Pork Chops

Sometimes you want a meal without having to worry about multiple side dishes—learning how to cook stuffed pork chops is a perfect solution.

-Hey everybody, It's Chef Lovely again, and today, we are going to be making Mushroom Stuffed Pork Chops. So, here are the ingredients: 1/2 coarsely chopped fresh mushrooms; 1/4 cup chopped onion; 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine; 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger; 1/4 teaspoon of salt and pepper; 1 cup of coarsely chopped fresh spinach leaves; 1/4 cup of soft sourdough or white bread crumbs; 4 pork loin, chopped, or pork rib, chopped; salt and pepper; 1/4 cup of ginger jelly or preserves or our orange marmalade, which we will be using today; 12 green onions and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Okay everybody, so let's get started. First things first, we need to make our stuffing for pork chop. So, I'm gonna heat a saute pan here on about a medium heat, and we're gonna add in our butter, and we're gonna let that start to melt a little bit, okay, fantastic. So, what we're gonna add into the pan? Next, we're gonna our mushrooms and we're gonna add our onions, and we're gonna let them saute so that they start to caramelize and we extract all of the beautiful flavor from our onions and mushrooms. So, our butter is melting, beautiful. Okay, so, let's go ahead go in with these onions here, and now our mushrooms, just drop those in, fantastic, okay. So, let's get all this out of the way. So, like I said, let's give this a nice saute, so we can start to pick up some color and I'm going to season this with a little bit of salt and pepper, simply season what I always say. We wanna season each layer so every component our dish has great flavor, okay, salt and pepper just like that. Okay, this has been sauteing for about 3 or 4 minutes now and as you can see it has picked up a lot of great color here. I'm gonna now turn off the heat because wee need to add our remaining ingredients, but we need to adjust the heat. So, the residual heat from the pan is gonna help me accomplish that, okay. Next thing, we're gonna add our grated ginger. This is fresh ginger. Definitely go fresh with this recipe. It's definitely gonna taste a million times better, okay. So, I'm gonna go in, give that a stir so that it is evenly distributed here, fantastic. Next thing, we're gonna take our spinach. Now, it looks like a lot, but spinach is gonna welt down and it's not gonna be that much, so don't get nervous. Oh, it doesn't fit in my pan, trust me, in a few seconds, you're gonna see having heat from the pan is gonna slowly welt our spinach. So, we're gonna take our warm mushroom-onion mixture and kind of fold it on top of the spinach leaves here just they can start to welt and cook, here we go. So take your time, be gentle. There we go, okay, and our last ingredients is gonna be our bread crumbs. Bread crumbs gonna add a nice texture to the stuffing. It's also gonna kind of bring it on together, so when it goes on the pork chops, it kind of holds the shape, okay. So, by adding the bread crumbs now, we're giving them a slight toss. We're just gonna of course increase the flavor our stuffing. So, here we go, few more seconds on this and will be good to go. Okay, let's go in with a little bit more salt and pepper now, just to make sure that we're seasoning everything just like that, and there we go; we're done. So, this is a very simple and quick stuffing for our pork chops. Okay, few more tosses here and we're good to go. Okay, fabulous. So, this is now done. I'm just gonna let this sit. Remember, our heat is off. Okay, so now, let's move over to our pork chops here. First thing, we're gonna do, we're gonna take a knife and we're gonna find the meatiest part of our pork chop here, and what we're looking to do, we're looking to make an incision so that we can get our delicious stuffing that just made inside the pork chop, okay. So, we're gonna just go in with our knife, take your time, I'm actually gonna put this here on my cutting board so you can really see. I wanna hold my hand flat. I'm just gonna go in with my knife just like that. So, when you feel the knife is kind of halfway through the pork chop here, you're in good shape, and then you're gonna slowly kind of just wiggle and move the knife down, okay, so being careful, I'm not coming to the other side. I'm still staying right here in the center of our pork chop. Okay, now, as you can see, after you kind of keep wiggling the knife there, you're gonna form a nice pocket just like this. If you can ge 1 finger all the way in and kind of move back and forth, you know that you're in good shape, okay? So, now, we're gonna move over here. We're gonna take some of our stuffing just like this on our pork because it's still little bit warm and we're just gonna pop it right in the little incision that we made with our knife right in the center of our pork chop here, okay. So, let's grab a little bit more. Now, we're only gonna be adding maybe a tablespoon, a tablespoon and a half at the most to fit in to our cavity here that we just made. So, go ahead, push it down, push it down just like that. Just go in for a little bit more here, trust me, all of this work. This definitely work and just gonna taste absolutely delicious, okay. Stuffed, stuffed. It's looking nice. I think I can get this a little bit more in there. Let's go ahead and do 1 more pork full just like that. Okay, fantastic, on more little kind of push to make sure it's all in and there we go. We have a beautiful stuffed pork chopped. Now, let's go ahead. We're gonna take a toothpick here. This gonna secure that make sure that none of our stuffing falls out. These have been soaked with a little bit of water to make sure they don't burn. I'm just gonna put it straight to kind of close that little incision that we made with our knife earlier. So, about 2 toothpicks should do just fine, but if you have thicker pork chops, you need to use 3, okay? Now, we're gonna season the out side of our pork chop with a little bit of salt and pepper. We have to flavor everything. Give it a flip and you see I have a little tear here, but that's okay. It's still gonna be fine, okay. If you make that mistake or your knife slips, don't worry about it. Okay, so, I'm gonna finish up with our remaining 3 pork chops here. When we come back, I'm gonna show you how to get a beautiful golden sear on our grill pan so we can eat this delicious mushroom stuffed pork chops. Okay, so, as you can see here, we've taken our pork chops, made our incision, and then we stuffed it with that beautiful mushroom and ginger stuffing that we made a little bit earlier. I've secured it with 2 toothpicks. Over here, I have grill pain. It's been getting nice and hot for a couple of minutes. This is cast iron. So, it's gonna maintain the heat very well, but when I put these pork chops in, I wanna hear a big sizzle so that we can sear the outside, start to caramelize it and lock in those juices. So, here we go. There is also a little bit of oil in my pan here just in case we have a little bit of sticking, okay, so we're gonna go in just like this. Oh, that's the sound that you wanna hear, okay, and we're not gonna touch it. We're gonna leave it completely still. I know you're tempted, but don't touch it. Okay, pork chop number 2, nestle that guy in there so it's nice and flat, and there we go. So, what we're looking to achieve like I said is nice caramelize color and of course those beautiful grill marks what we all love to see. So, I'm gonna let this get nice and caramelize on 1 side for about 2 to 3 minutes and then we're going to flip it and I'm gonna cover it here with a little bit of foil and there's are gonna need to cook for about 35 to 40 minutes, and in between time, I'm gonna show you a little bit later how we're gonna glaze it with a little bit of our orange marmalade. So, it's nice and crispy and sweet on the outside. So, I'm gonna go in just for a little peek. It's okay to peek, but we don't wanna move it too much just to kind of see how it's doing and then all I need is about 1 more minute. So, this is where you definitely need to use your patience, okay. We're almost there. Wait, so you see how gorgeous it is, nice beautiful grill marks, okay. Nice caramelization we have going on here, give this a flip. There we go. That's what we're looking to see. Okay. This looks beautiful. So, I'm gonna turn down the heat on my grill pan just a little bit. I have some foil and we're just going to tint it just like this. What we're doing now, we're making an oven so all of that heat is gonna stay right on the inside, and our pork chops are gonna cook through and through, fantastic. It doesn't have to be too secure, but we definitely want it to be tinted just like that. So, 30 to about 45 minutes, we're gonna check it halfway in between, we're gonna go on with some of that orange marmalade. It's gonna be absolutely delicious. So, when you come back, I'm gonna show you how we do that next step. So, I'll see you soon. Okay, so our pork chops have been grilling. It's been about 30 minutes, so we still have about 5 more minutes of cooking. So, I kind of wanted to show you here what we have and how beautiful these pork chops looked. So, they are nice and golden brown and caramelize on both sides. I flip this over just you can see how beautiful that looks. So, we're not done. We still need to add another level of flavor. So, here we have our orange marmalade. I'm going to take some of this and just kind of baste the pork chop with the orange marmalade. This is gonna give it, of course, tons of flavor and also add a little citrus note as well because it's orange. So, this is gonna taste absolutely delicious. So, let's go ahead and do the other one. And I'm just using the back of my spoon here. A pastry brush would also be a great utensil to get this job done very easily. Okay, make sure we get every little itch of this delicious stuffed pork chop. So, I'm going to give it flip. So that this side can start cooking just like that and we're gonna go in and glaze the other side. So, here we go, okay, pork chop number 2. Make sure we get ever little itch just like that, maybe just a little bit more right here, fantastic. Okay, so, it still needs to cook for about 5 more minutes. So, I'm gonna go ahead and tint my grill pan just how we do it earlier and we're gonna continue to let this cook. So, when we come back, we're gonna take this out and let it rest and then I'm gonna show how make our green onions to complement this delicious stuffed pork shop. So, I'll see you soon. Okay, everybody, so it's been 5 more minutes. So this cooks for about 35 minutes, and as you can see, they're glistening and they're beautiful from the orange marmalade that we baste it and we're gonna continue to cook. Make sure that this reaches 165 degrees with your thermometer or when stick in a knife and the juices went clear, that's also indication that your pork chop is all ready. Now, don't forget that we have these toothpicks in. So, we wanna go ahead and pull those out, because we don't wanna serve it the toothpicks in it, okay. Let's go ahead and pull out those out just like that. Now, I recommend letting your pork chop rest a little bit. So, as soon as they come out of the pan, go ahead and just set on a plate or platter, and we're just gonna set that said when we go ahead and finish the rest of this dish. So, I have saute pan here, and it's getting nice and warm. It's on a medium heat. We're gonna go in with just a little bit olive oil here, and I have some green onions. These are also called scallions. So, I've washed them, but now we need go in and trim up, so here we go. Kind of just give them a little shake here so they're all even. We want to take of the bottom here. This is not good to eat and just throw those away, and then we're gonna flip and we're gonna cut off this kid of rough tops here. Now, save this for something else later in the week or you can throw them away. It's only up to you. So now, we have beautiful green onions and scallions. They are all the same size and they look absolutely delicious, okay. So, I'm gonna give my pan a little swirl here to make sure that our oil is evenly coated on the entire pan, and we're just gonna in with these green onions just like that, okay. Now, of course what do I always say, simply sizzle. So, I'm gonna in with a little bit of pepper and a little bit of salt just like this and these are just gonna take a few minutes to saute just like that. Get them well coated in the oil just like that. Give them a little toss so that salt and pepper gets on every little bite, and we're only looking to welt this a little bit, and heat them up and make sure that they are well seasoned with our salt and our pepper. So, this is only gonna take about 1 more minute here. So, while that's going. I'm gonna get a plate here. So get nice beautiful white plates. It makes your food look absolutely delicious, okay. Let's take another quick look here, fantastic, okay. Give them a little toss just like that. They're picking up a little bit of color, which is okay. They are welting beautifully and they are nice and warm, which is what you wanna see. Okay, I'm gonna turn my heat off now because these are done. So, when go to garnish a plate. I say have fun, okay, but the focal point is definitely gonna be our protein or pork chop. So, I want that kind of star and center, okay, so we're gonna take some of our green onions here, and we're gonna make a little bed of our green onions just like this. Okay, so let's pick up about 2 or 3 more of our green onions here just like this, and I think that's beautiful already. Okay fantastic. Now, let's take one of our pork chops here. I kind of like to look and get the more crispier brown side as my presentation side. So, let's set that right on top just like that, and you know, you we can go ahead and take maybe 1 or 2 more of our green onion just like that and kind of put it right on top just like that absolutely little bit more color and the sauted greens onions are absolutely delicious, okay, nice, light, onion kind of flavor. They get a little sweet in the caramelization that we add in the pan, and there we go. So, this dish is very easy to do. Takes a little bit of time, but it's well worth it. In that way, you can come out with a beautiful dinner just like this. So, I want you to try this dish and have fun with it and glam out the kitchen with this Mushroom Stuffed pork Chop, enjoy.
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