How to Make Blueberry Pie

If you have a sweet tooth, this blueberry pie is for you! And the lattice top makes this dessert as beautiful as it is delicious.

-Hey everybody, it's Chef Lovely, and today, I'm gonna be making something for all of those people who have a sweet tooth. So, today, we're gonna make a Lattice Top Blueberry Pie. Here are the ingredients: For our dough, we are going to need 6 ounces of cold unsalted butter; 6-1/2 ounces of bleached all-purpose flour; 3-1/2 ounces of cake flour; 1/4 teaspoon of table salt; 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder; 4-1/2 ounces of cold cream cheese; 3 tablespoons of heavy cream and 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar. For our filling, we will need 1/2 cup of granulated sugar; 2 tablespoons of cornstarch; 2 teaspoons of finely grated lemon zest; 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice; a pinch of table salt and 4 cups of fresh blueberries that are steamed, rinsed, and dried, and for our glaze, we will need 2 tablespoons of milk; and 1 tablespoon of turbinado sugar or granulated sugar, which I will be using today. Okay, step 1 of our beautiful blueberry pie is gonna be our dough. That's why we're gonna make it from scratch and it's not that hard. So don't worry about it. Chef Lovely, I'm gonna show you how to make it so that you make this delicious pie right at home. So, the first thing we're gonna do, we're gonna take our flour, and then we also have cake four, then add that in, and we have to season this crust. We're gonna add little bit of salt, and then we're gonna add also a little bit of baking powder. So, here's the Chef Lovely tip. You can take all of these dry ingredients. You can mix them together in a bowl and you can set them in the freezer for about 15 to 30 minutes. When you're making any type of pastry dough, it's very helpful to have everything as cold as possible so that you can get a very tender crust, a very flaky crust. So, we're gonna blend this up just to aerate all the ingredients and mix them together, here we go, okay great. Step 1 done. Now, we're gonna add in our cream cheese. I have cubed this into about 4 chunks. Again, this is very, very cold. So, we're gonna add this in, and we're gonna give it a pulse just like that, great. Okay, our next step is to add in our butter, same thing, my butter was in the freezer for about 30 minutes, tightly covered in some plastic wrap, and again it's gonna yield a very flaky and tender dough, which is what we want. So, let's go ahead for the lead back on, and we're gonna pulse this until it's about the consistency and texture of a nice corn mill small little peas. So, here we go. Now, this may take a few minutes, but that's okay. We're adding a lot of butter. So, we wanna really take our time. The reason we pulse it is so that we're not adding as much heat to everything that's in the mixture at one time. We wanna keep it cold, cold, cold. So, as you see, the texture is starting to change. So, we're in good shape here. That's looking really good few more seconds and we're ready to go. Okay. Now for our last step, we're gonna add in heavy cream, we'll also gonna add in apple cider vinegar. Now, this is going to add moisture to our dough. And then we'll also gonna in our apple cider vinegar as well. So, now we're gonna go back on with the lid. We're gonna give it a few more pulses just until that comes together. Okay, so as you see, it's starting to form ball. So, we're in good shape. That's exactly what you wanna see, okay. So, we're gonna take our dough out. If it's still a little sticky, that's okay, I'm gonna show you how we can go ahead and finish bringing this dough together. Always have a little flour on the side. When you're making a dough, you never really know what's gonna happen. So, as you can see, all we need was a little bit more flour right on that top of that dough, and gonna just work this on my hands just like this until it comes together and form a nice smooth dough. So, if this happens to you, you now know how to fix the problem. Okay, a little bit more flour here just like that and there we go, one, two, three. You have a beautiful, beautiful dough. So, I'm gonna separate this into 2 pieces. One is gonna be for our crust for our crust. The other piece is gonna be for our beautiful lattice work that we do on top of our blueberry pie. So, I'm just gonna pinch it right in half just like this. I have some plastic wrap ready to go. We want to cover this and let it chill in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes because when we go to roll out our dough, we want it to be nice and cool, so we get those nice flaky, tender dough that we talked about earlier. So, I'm gonna go ahead and finish wrapping up the other piece of dough. Let it chill in the refrigerator, and then when we come back, we're gonna make our filling, and I wanna show you how to make a beautiful lattice top for our blueberry pie. Okay, so now it's time to do ahead roll our dough for our beautiful blueberry pie. This has sat in the refrigerator for about an hour, and then I let it set out on the counter for about 10 to 15 minutes. It now becomes friable and a little bit easier to work with. Okay. So here we go. I wanna take a little bit of flour, and I'm going to lightly dust it on 1 piece of plastic wrap here just to make sure that nothing sticks makes life much, much easier for us just like that, and then we're gonna put our dough right on top, and then we're gonna add just a little bit more flour again just to make sure nothing sticks, and then we're take a second piece of plastic and put that right on top. Okay, now, I have my rolling pin here. We're gonna just get rowing. This is really convenient to have it in the plastic because you can literally pull the plastic, turn it and give it a roll. So, it's very, very easy. So, I'm gonna just give it a little quarter turn each time I'm rolling just like this. This is gonna go in a 9-inch pie pan. So, we wanna get, you know, a few inches little bit more than that so that we can make a nice crust that's gonna hang over on the side, which will show you in a second. Okay, so I'm gonna keep going, and I wanna show you a little trick of you know if rolled it out to the proper width and length. Okay, almost done, let's go ahead. Pop it just little bit more there to the side. Let's turn it again, nice. This is dough is really beautiful, really easy to work with, just give it one more time, then we'll see if we're there. So, here's my chef lovely tip. Take your pie dishes you're gonna use and set it right on top. If you have excess on both sides to the top and bottom, you know that your roll it out enough. Okay, so, we're we go. I'm going to take off one pice of our plastic just like this, and now all we have to do is literally just go ahead and flip it right over onto our pie dish just like that. Oh I missed it just right little bit. There we go. Okay, gorgeous, so now, it's set, pull off your second piece just like that, and you can kind of fit in, you know, just like that, really easy, really forgiving crust, which I love, okay. So, have a little knife here and just kind of trim up any excess that you may have on the sides, and we're gonna leave just a little bit kind of hanging over the edge. What a nice pretty design just like this, beautiful. There we go. So you have a nice smooth, clean edges just like that. Okay, so now, I'm gonna cover this with plastic, and then we're gonna pop it into our refrigerator for about 30 minutes so it gets nice and set first. So, I'm gonna pop this in the refrigerator and when we come back, I'm gonna show you how we make our blueberry filling, and also our lattice work on the top of this pie. Okay, so while our dough is refrigerating, getting nice and chilled for us, we're gonna go ahead and make our blueberry filling. So here, I have some sugar and a little pinch of salt just to balance out everything. We'll also gonna add some fresh lemon juice and also lemon zest. This is gonna impart tons and tons of flavor, make sure we get all of that just like so, and then we'll also gonna add some corn starch. The cornstarch is a thickening agent. So it's gonna create a nice once the blueberry is popped and release their natural juices and it's gonna thicken up the entire situation. So, it's gonna be absolutely delicious. So, let's go ahead and add in our blue berries here and we're just gonna gently fold everything together just like that. So, the filling is actually very, very easy to do, okay, there we go, and as soon as that zest kicks everything, it just kind of hit on your face beautiful aromas, beautiful blueberries, and there we go. So, that sweet has a little bit of the lemon and milk real acidity and then the corn starch should kind of thicken it up and make a beautiful juice for our pie. Okay, this looks great. Step 2 done. When we come back, we're gonna put together our blueberry pie and I'm gonna show you to make a lattice work with this delicious blueberry pie. Okay, so, I'm gonna show you how easy it is to create the strips for the lattice work for the top of our pie. So, here is the remaining dough that we chilled earlier. So, I'm going to lightly flour my work surface here just like this. I'll also gonna put some in my hands, okay, so there we go. So now, we need to roll this out, and we're gonna do a little more flour on my rolling pin just like that to ensure that nothing sticks. So, we're gonna roll this out, so that we can make a nice long strips for our 9-inch pipe that we're making. We need about 10 strips. So, every few passes that you use the rolling pin, you wanna go ahead and lift up the pasty and turn it just to make sure that nothing sticks and that you got a nice even dough. One more little roll, fantastic. So I have a knife. If you wanna be, very, very precise, you can use a ruler, but it's really not necessary, just a steady hand and a good eye will do the trick. So, I'm gonna kind of clean up our dough here just to make sure I have a nice clean line just like that and then we're gonna take our knife and simply make an indentation just like this down the dough the make all of our strips here. So, again, we need 10. Now, I gonna go here, go here, and then repeat the process all the way down getting them as straight has possible just like that. So, ill show you one more, there we go. So, I'm gonna keep on cutting and when we come back, we're gonna add or blueberry filling into our dish, and then we're gonna do our lattice work on right on top. So, don't go anywhere because it's almost time to have some delicious blueberry pie. So, here's our beautiful dough that we have here. So don't forget, made our filling a little bit earlier and we're gonna go ahead add of all this in just like that, making sure we get all this sugar and lemon zest and juice just like that fantastic. Okay, so I'm gonna spread it around so it's nice even layer just like that. Okay, so now it's time to do our lattice work. So, I'm gonna take 5 pieces and just lay them across just like this all going in 1 direction, 3, 4, and 5. Okay, so now we're gonna go in that opposite direction of our remaining 5 pieces, and we just lay this on top like this, then we're gonna lift up a piece and go over and under, over and under just like that. So, now, we're just gonna to opposite, we're gonna lift this up first bringing this back just like this, and we're going to add on our second piece just that like and then we can just flip those right back over just like that. Okay, so as you can see, this is really easy to do and I know you can do this at home. I'm gonna continue to make our beautiful lattice work and when we come back I'm gonna show you how we make our glaze that goes on top and then we're gonna put it into the oven, so we can have our delicious pie, so don't go anywhere. So as you can see, lattice work on a pie is absolutely beautiful. So, we wanna clean this up a little bit and make it a little bit more presentable. So, I'm gonna take my knife and I'm just gonna trim off all of the excess pieces here that are on the side that we no longer need just like that. We're gonna do this for little piece, and then the next step after this is going to be using a little bit of water to moisten the little piece of dough so that we can tuck them in to the bottom crust that we have going on with our dough. Okay, so we can get rid of that or you can say that you make a little mini blueberry pie for yourself. Okay, just a little bit of water here, and then we're gonna lift up the crust and just give it a toss just like that, so a little bit of water to help at here, stuck it under just like that, so as you can see the presentation on this pie is gonna be absolutely beautiful. So, I'll show you how we do a few more here. There we go just like that. So, I'm gonna continue and do all the rest of the sides of my dough here with my beautiful pie. We're gonna cover. We're gonna chill that in the refrigerator for 1 hour, and then after that, we're gonna moisten that with a little bit of milk and sugar, and then pop it into the oven. So don't go anywhere, we're almost done. Okay, so I went to the refrigerator and I pulled out our pie that's been chilling for an hour. I have a pastry brush here. I wanna dip it into some milk and we're gonna lightly kind of brush on the milk on all of our dough here. this is gonna increase beautiful browning while it's in the oven, and it's also gonna keep it nice and moist as it's baking as well. If you get a little few drops of milk into the blueberries, it's okay. Okay, and now to sweeten up even a little bit more, we're just gonna lightly sprinkle with a little bit of sugar. So, we have a nice sweet and crunch top just like that beautiful. So, I've preheated my oven already to 425 degrees. We're gonna pop this in as we gonna bake for about 40 to 50 minutes and when it comes out, umm, umm, good. So, I'll see you as soon as this comes of the oven. Okay, so I've pulled our beautiful pie out of the oven. It baked for about 45 minutes. It started to get a little bit too brown, so here's the Chef Lovely tip. Tint it with a piece of foil and then will slow down that browning process, and when it comes out, it's gonna be absolutely gorgeous. We wanna let this chill when it comes out of the oven for up to 4 hours. This gonna allow it to sit and kind of continue to thicken and be nice and fulfilling and beautiful when it's out of the oven. So, here is our beautiful Lattice Top Blueberry Pie.
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