How to Cook Italian Sausage Sliders

If you're looking for a winning Super Bowl snack, these italian sausage sliders are what you need!

-It's game day and I am going to be making a game day favorite, my famous Johnsonville Italian Sausage Sliders. You're going to start with 1 part ground beef to 2 parts Johnsonville Ground Italian Sausage Sliders. You can use the sweet. You can use the mild. My boys and I like a little bit of spice. So, we're gonna go with the hot. Once you get those patties made, start to cook. Whether you are cooking this on a grill or indoors, Johnsonville Italian Sausage will take your sliders to a whole new level. Once those are cooked through and nicely browned, you're going to take a slider and slide it onto the bottom. Then, you're gonna take any array of condiments and put them on there. We've got sliced tomatoes. We've got grilled onions. We've got little jardiniere. I myself like a little bit of marinara with a slice of mozzarella and couple of basil leaves, voila, you've have gotten a great twist on an American classic. You guest may never have tested Johnsonville Italian Sausage sliders before, but trust me, after that first bite, they're gonna be coming back for more. You can find this great recipe, lots of others, as well as some great cooking tips at
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