How to Cook Veal

For a new twist on dinner, learn how to cook veal. Finished with a lemon, caper and parsley sauce, it will soon be a family favorite.

-Hey, it's chef Lovely and today, we're gonna make a Veal Piccata with Lemon, Capers, and Parsley-Butter Sauce. This sounds delicious. Let's get those ingredients: 1 pound spaghetti; extra virgin olive oil; 1/2 cup all purpose flour; kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper; 4 8-ounce veal cutlets; 2 eggs; 1 tablespoon of water; 1 cup dry white wine; 1 lemon, the juice; 2 tablespoons capers, washed and drained; 1 tablespoon chopped fresh Italian flat leaf parsley; 1/2 stick of unsalted butter, chilled and cut into cubes; for a little bit of garnish, Italian flat leaf parsley leaves. So, let's get started. First, I want you to cook your pasta according to the package direction, and then we're gonna step that aside. So, that's what I'm having right here in this bowl. So, I wanna get my pen nice and hot and ready for that veal. So, we're gonna put this on a medium heat, not too hot, so while we're dredging, this is gonna get nice and warm and it's gonna be ready to go. So, let's move on to our veal. I have 2 dishes here. On the first dish, I want you to take your flour, and we're just gonna drop all of that right on our plates, and we're gonna season it with just a little bit of salt and paper. We're gonna season every layer making sure that we have a delicious and flavour veal piccata. Give a little mix with your hands. So that it's well incorporated and then there you go step 1 to the dredging process is done. Okay, now in this bowl, I have my eggs, and I'm gonna take some water. We're gonna put that right in, and we're gonna just whisk this altogether with a little fork. We're just looking to break those yolks and just gonna incorporate that water, and of course as Chef Lovely always says, you wanna simply season. So, I'm gonna go in with a little bit of salt just like that, a little bit of pepper, fantastic. So, more little whisk here, make we're breaking both yolks, and there you go, we're pour this into our second plate. Okay, there we go. Now, it's time for the veal. Don't be scared. You can do this. So, we're gonna take one of our veal cutlets here, [unk] and we're gonna lightly dredge in our flour, our seasoned flour. Then, we're gonna put into our egg that we have in our second plate, and then it's ready to go into the pan. So, I'm gonna keep going. I'm gonna do the rest of my veal cutlets. When we come back, I'm gonna show you how we're gonna saute them until they are golden brown and bring this parsley butter sauce together. Okay, so I've dredged all of my veal cutlets. So, you wanna get a little bit of excess egg to fall right off, and then we're gonna go right into our oil here and our nice hot saute pan. We're gonna saute this for about 2 minutes on each side, so that nice and golden brown. These veal cutlets are very thin, So, it's not gonna take so much time. So, I wanna make sure that you keep an eye on this that they do not burn, fantastic. Let's go in. Let's add our last one, getting that little bit of excess out there, fantastic. Give my hands a quick wash here. Okay, so like I said, no more than 2 minutes on each side. So, don't walk away. Don't go answer your phone. Don't go put on the load of lingerie, okay. Stay right here with it and we're gonna take our tongs, and we're gonna give that a flip, so that it's beautiful and golden on the other side. That's exactly what we're looking for. Okay, now, if you're like me, I like to take a little peak. Okay, that's a quick look here, and we're almost there. I know it's tempting you wanna go in and really take a big look angle underneath, but don't do that, but just take a little peek, [unk] and then let it do a sting, let just be sexy, get golden brown for you. You're gonna enjoy it and just gonna be that beautiful brown caramelize color that we all love, okay. I'm liking what I'm saying here. So, let's go ahead. Let's put our first piece of veal. There we go, nice and brown, and that's exactly what you're looking for. Let's see another piece here. That means a few more seconds. Oh, oh, but veal is getting away from me. Alright, there we go, beautiful color here. That's exactly what we're looking for, give that a great flip, one flip, there we go. 2 more minutes on this side and it's gonna be done. So, I want you have a plate on this side waiting for you. So, we can take our cooked veal. We can put it on the plate, and we're gonna set it aside that we can build our beautiful parsley butter sauce. Okay, our veal cutlets are golden brown on both sides. So, remember back that plate that I have told you to have handy. We're gonna take our veal out, and we're gonna put it right on this plate. We're gonna let rest for a second. Okay, fantastic. So there we go, delicious golden brown, we're gonna just set that aside. Now, in this pan, there's a lot of yummy as well I like to call them or in the professional kitchen fond. There's a lot of flavor left down in this pan. So, I'm gonna reduce my heat just a little bit, and then I'm gonna deglaze this pan with some of that white wine, okay. Don't forget it's gonna get loud, okay. I'm gonna take a wooden spoon. I'm gonna slowly just stir, stir, and I'm gonna scrape this bits of all of our pan on the bottom of this pan. That's gonna add incredible flavor to our pan sauce here. So, we wanna reduce this to about half. We wanna cook that alcohol, and we wanna be left with a delicious flavor of the white wine. So, there we go. All of those bits are coming up. That's looking delicious. I like what I'm saying here. Okay, we're gonna add in some lemon juice. Go ahead, pour that in. We're gonna add our capers, and we're gonna add some fresh parsley, beautiful color, great flavor, and we're gonna give this a great stir right here. That's looking delicious. Now remember, it looks pretty loose right now and we're gonna whisk in some butter in just a few seconds. That's not only gonna add sheen, it also gonna add flavor, and just gonna add viscosity. So, it's gonna thicken up this delicious sauce. Okay, fantastic, so we're gonna gradual add in our cold butter. So, I'm gonna go about 2 pieces at a time, and we're gonna slowly incorporate this into our pan sauce that we're making here. If you have a whisk, you can use that too, if it's a little bit easier for you. We got hungry guys. Okay, let's go in, 2 more pieces, give this a whisk, and as you can see, our sauce is thickening a little bit. It's getting nice and shiny, glossy, and of course that [unk] flavor, right? So, it's gonna taste absolutely amazing, fantastic. Let's go in with our final 2 pieces here, and if we're in grandma's house, it may be about 3 or 4 more pieces. I don't know. Okay, whisk, whisk. Move your pan a little bit too. Make sure, we're really incorporating all of our ingredients here. Fantastic. So, after our last piece of butter is melted and incorporated in, we're good to go. I'm gonna season with a little bit of salt and pepper, and then I'm gonna give it taste to make sure it's right. A little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper, one more quick stir here, and I'm gonna taste. That's really good. It's lemony, getting a little bit of brininess from the capers. Of course, that butter is in there, and that fresh parsley really kicks it up nuts, fantastic. Let's plate this dish, so we can eat. So, I have a fresh plate here. I'm gonna take some of our spaghetti that we cooked earlier, and we're gonna put this right in the middle of our plate. Give it a little twist. So, it set's up a little bit of height for you, okay, and then we're gonna take 2 our veal cutlets. We're gonna lay that right on top, fantastic, just like that. Now, for our sauce. I'm just gonna go in there and just pickup the whole thing, And I'm gonna pour that right on top. Look at that, wow, and don't forget that garnish. I've reserved some our parsley here, little bit of parsley on top, addition of color and flavor. So, this is the dish I know you can do. I want you to enjoy and save me a piece.
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