How to Make Quick Skillet Ziti

If you are in need of a quick weeday meal this quick skillet ziti is the dish for you. This ground beef and pasta are an easy combination for any night of the week.

-Hi everyone, I'm Judith with Now, if you have 5 minutes for a quick dinner, I've got the recipe for you today because today we'll be making a quick skillet ziti. So, what you'll need is 1 pound of ground beef; 1 jar of traditional Italian sauce or marinara Italian sauce; 5 cups of tube shaped pasta, ziti, coked and drained, and some grated parmesan cheese. So, on our skillet to the side of us, let's get it to a medium heat, and we're gonna add in our ground beef, in there goes. Break it up a little bit, and we're gonna cook that until it's browned, break all up there. So, let it cook in the skillet until it's brown and cooked all the way through. So, our ground beef is cooked all the way through. It's nice and brown. All we gonna do is drain up any excess fats into a bowl there, fantastic. That take about 8 minutes to do that, and then all we have to do is add in our tomato marinara sauce and our cooked ziti pasta, so we'll get in there too. Beautiful, I'm gonna give that a really good stir. I wanna heat all of that through, all the mixture together, lovely, all those flavors coming in. And as I said, this doesn't take very long at all. Cook your pasta very quickly. The ground beef has cooked very quickly, and then all in those popped in that tomato sauce, it's done now. So, let that all heat through, and then we can plate it up. So, on there goes. Beautiful, lovely, warm gorgeous plate of pasta, and we'll just top it now with some parmesan cheese on top of there, of course, to finish it off, and there you go, that's how you make your quick skillet ziti.
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