How to Cook Chard

Sometimes it's nice to mix things up--learn how to cook chard, and work a new vegetable into your weeknight meals.

-Hi everyone, I'm Judith with Now, if you're looking for a light and healthy dinner dish, I've got the on for you because today we'll be making Gingered Tilapia with Swiss Chard. So, what you'll need for this is 4 tilapia filets about 6 ouches each; 1-1/2 tablespoons of grated fresh ginger; half a teaspoon each of salt and black pepper; 1-1/2 tablespoons of olive oil; one small onion, chopped; 2 branches of swiss chard, stems removed and leaves roughly chopped; 1/4 cup of low sodium chicken broth; and a 1/4 of white wine. So, first thing fist, let's get out lovely tilapia, fresh, healthy, really good for your, and what we're gonna do is gonna sprinkle 3/4 of a tablespoon of fresh ginger onto your tilapia, both sides. We'll get another plate here. So, that's covered now with our lovely ginger and ginger is very, very good for you too. Now, I'm also gonna sprinkle this with our salt and pepper, so little bit of salt on there, sprinkle a little bit and some pepper too, lovely, so what's a nice flavor on there already. So, we have the skillet next to us, we're gonna put it to a medium high heat. So, we'll add one tablespoon of olive oil to our skillet. Get that nice and hot on the medium high heat, and now we're just gonna put in our tilapia for this. So, in there go. Now, this cooked very, very quickly. So, you only really need 3 to 4 minutes on each side and can smell that beautiful ginger, which just cools great with subtle flavor or tilapia. So, in few minutes, we'll give it a turn over. So, our tilapia are done nice and round on the outside and that's beautiful and that's just flake easily with the fork, fantastic. So, we're just gonna plate that up and set that aside, keep it warm until we finish with out swiss chard, gorgeous. Alright, so, in our skillet, we're gonna put the remaining olive oil and we're gonna add our onions. And we're also gonna add our remaining ginger, so give them a nice toss in our skillet there and that's gonna get our skillet and onions nice and fragrant and then we are gonna put on heat to high and add in our swiss chard. Swiss chard of course very, very good for you, dark leafy greens, full of vitamins and minerals. So, we're gonna add that to our skillet. We're gonna add some salt and pepper to that too and our remaining ingredients go in there too, our white wine and chicken broth. So, we wanna cook that for about 3 minutes until our swiss chard welts. Sok, it's been about 3 minutes. As you can see, our swiss chard has welted down and that is looking delicious. So, you can turn that heat off and we can flake that up, lots of fresh, healthy flavors in there with the ginger and onion and that's beautiful to this chard, fantastic, and on top of that, we can serve up tilapia, which we've kept warm. Be careful because it does flake very easily, our tilapia, light, fresh and easy. That is how you make Gingered Tilapia with Swiss Chard.
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