How to Make Super-Easy S'Mores

If you are looking for a great snack for kids to make than this super easy s'mores recipe is perfect. These treats will melt in your mouth and take minutes to make!

-Hey everyone, I'm Judith. Well today, we'll be making Super Easy S'more and this version is the fastest version you can think of. So, what you'll need is 8 chocolate or regular graham cracker squares, we'll be using some regular graham crackers today; 3 tablespoons of chocolate hazelnut spread; and 3 tablespoons of marshmallow cream. There you go. Three easy ingredients that's all you need and all you need is about 1 minute. So, let's get our graham crackers down on here, get 4, 4, lovely. So, first of all, let's spread on. It's nice to leave out your chocolate hazelnut spread in room temperature so it gets nice and hot and so it's easy to spread. So, we'll just spread on one side with chocolate hazelnut spread. Now, be careful because obviously, these graham crackers can split pretty easily, so just keep an eye on that. So, we'll repeat that for the other 4 graham crackers. So, once all 4 graham crackers are fast spread with chocolate hazelnut, then we'll spread the other 4 graham crackers with this marshmallow cream. What a great indulgent dessert to have when, you know, on a cold day and when you don't have a roasting fire going, you can do it really quickly as we're gonna do in the microwave and I swear it turned out just as good, trust me, alright. So, we'll spread that marshmallow cream on the remaining graham crackers. So, once they are all spread with the chocolate hazelnut and marshmallow cream, we're now gonna put them together. So, we're just gonna create like a little sandwich. You also know what to do of these before. Bring back nostalgic memories of camping, I'm sure. There you go what a great treat. Now, there re gonna go in the microwave on high full power for 30 seconds. If you wanna cook them individually, then put one in each about 10 seconds. So, if you wanna put 2 in there, 2 seconds. But we're gonna put all 4 in there for 30 seconds. So, it's quick as a flash. They're out of the microwave. Oh wey, guey delicious as you can see. Bring up one of those and all of that will just melt in your mouth, beautiful. There you go everyone. That's how you make super easy S'more.
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