How to Make a Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

Make this peanut butter and banana smoothie for breakfast or as a snack after a workout. It packs both protein and potassium to give you a kick start to your day.

Hi, I'm Miranda with and today I'm gonna show you how to make a peanut butter and banana smoothie. Now, you will able to enjoy this cool drink for breakfast or as a protein-packed snack after working out. I have our ingredients all laid out here. So let's let smoothie making. We have 10 ounces of skim milk or you can use any milk alternative of your choice, 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter, and 1 medium size banana. Now, if you wanna make this consistency a little bit thicker, you can include 6 ice cubes to give it some nice crunch. I have our blender all set up here and all we need to do is just put the ingredients in the blender. That's been so great and simple about a smoothie. In goes the peanut butter, the banana. Peanut butter and banana are just such great flavor partners, so delicious, and will give it some extra crunch. There we go. Let's just turn it on and give it a whirl and let's just check on it. We'll kind of poke and see if all of our ice cubes are nice and broken up, beautiful and now the only thing we'll have to do with your peanut butter and banana smoothie is simply to pour it and enjoy. So there you go. That's how you make a peanut butter and banana smoothie.
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