How to Make a Spanish Rice

Making your own rice is a great option if you are watching your sodium. Tomatoes, spices and veggies is all it takes to make this easy, healthy recipe.

-Hey everyone! I'm Judith. So, if you have a few of the right spices, and chopped veggies, and some rice at home, you can make this very special and delicious dish because today I'm gonna be showing you how to make Spanish rice. So what you'll for this is 1 cup of water, 3 quarters of a cup of chopped green sweet pepper, half a cup of chopped onion, half a cup of chopped celery, half a teaspoon of salt, 1/14 and a half ounce can of tomatoes, 3 quarters of a cup of long grain rice, 1 teaspoon of chili powder, an 8th of a teaspoon of black pepper, a dash of ground red pepper, a fresh Serrano chili pepper, and fresh cilantro is optional. Alright, so very basic, very simple, but really, really delicious. So, first things first. We have a large pot here and into the pot we're gonna put in our water, our green pepper. Our celery goes in there too. Our chopped onion goes in there as well, and our salt goes in there too. So, we wanna bring this to a boil then once it starts boiling, we wanna reduce the heat and let it simmer covered for about 5 minutes. So it's been 5 minute and our veggies have been simmering there. So now it's time to add in the rest of our ingredients. So, in goes our chopped tomatoes. Make sure they're undrained so they still have a lot of the tomato juice in there. And in goes our rice. And of course, these little spices which make it the Spanish rice. We have our chili powder that goes in there, our black pepper, and our red pepper flakes. If you have some hot sauce in your house, you can add that too. So, let's give that a good stir. Now, we wanna bring this back to the boil. So, bring it boiling and then once it's boiling, we wanna reduce the heat again and let it simmer for 20 minutes with the cover on. So, arroz is ready. Our rice now should be nice and tender and all the liquid should be absorbed and yes it is and that is just looking so beautiful and colorful. So let's plate that up into a nice bowl and this served as a side dish with maybe some chicken or beef is just perfect. Fantastic. There you go everyone. Very simple and very delicious. That's how you make Spanish rice.
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