How to Make Corn Tortillas

Corn tortillas are to Mexico what sandwich bread is to Americans. Learn how to make corn tortillas from scratch, and take tacos, enchiladas, and other Mexican dishes to the next level.

-Hey, everyone, Judith here. Well, today, I'll be showing you how to make corn tortillas. Now, you can buy corn tortillas in the super markets very easily, but there is nothing like impressing you friends with some home made corn tortillas. So, what you'll need for this are 2 very simple ingredients; 2 cups of tortilla flour and 1-1/4 cup of warm water. Alright, so we have a large mixing bowl here. All we gonna do is put in our flour in there and our water. Now, you're gonna get your hands dirty, but this causes for some good muscle action, good hand action. We're gonna form a dough with our flour and water. So, all we wanna do is gonna be [unk] first with our hands just mix around until it becomes into a dough. So, a little bit of physical energy and time goes into making our dough just right, but it will be worth a while I promise you. Alright, so, if it's too sticky, there's too much water, you can add in flour. If you really wanna make it firm, but still moist, so as you we go, keep mixing it in. So, we want to get the dough of our tortillas the consistency we want as I said firm, yet still moist. So, as it was a little bit sticky, you can add in a little bit more flour. If it's too dry, add in a little bit of water one table spoon at a time. This is still a little bit too sticky for my liking. So I can add in a little bit more flour until we get the consistency we want. So, our dough has come together nicely that's just as we wanted, nice and moist, but still firm. Now, we're gonna let that rest for about 15 minutes before we divide them up and start rolling it out. Well, our dough has been resting for about 15 minutes. So, now let's make up our tortillas. So, just got a little bit of flour onto the board and onto our hands like so. Now, we're gonna divide into about 10 to 12 balls. So, roughly with your hands, take a little piece of that some flour. We're just gonna mold them into balls. So about that size, couple inches is good enough, there you go. So, we'll do that with the remainder of the dough. So, we have all of our little balls or rolled dough right here. So, now it's time to flatten them out and make them into tortilla. So, we have some waxed paper here and the easiest thing to do is got one of our balls, put it in between 2 pieces of wax paper and we can use a rolling pin to flatten it out in about 6 disc. Obviously, if you have a tortilla press that would be even better [unk] a little bit, get it nice and flat, or we gonna put some muscle action to it, and do with the rolling pin, so steady as you can will flatten that out into a nice circle. Just keep nice and steady if you can. Now, the circle isn't gonna be perfect if we haven't gotten a tortilla press. We'll do the best we can. So, once we have the disc flattened, we're gonna carefully take off, very, very carefully because it could still be sticky the top sheet of wax paper like so. As I said, if it's still a little bit doughy just be careful, might [unk] so slightly, that should be alright. Alright, so with this, we're not gonna get our large skillet next to us and grease, got it to a medium high heat, and once that's hot, we're gonna put the tortilla down, face side down and then we're gonna lick the wax paper up and off that so it's easier to get off. So, we don't want it obviously too hot. So, our skillet is nice and hot here. So, we're gonna put down our tortilla onto the pan like so with waxed paper still on. Now, as our tortilla begins to heat. We're gonna carefully take off our waxed paper as best we can. You need a little help of the spatula, you can do that, but usually, you fingers are the best thing. Let's get a little bit hot there, and as you can see that wax paper will just lift off a little bit easily, easier, I say once it's hot. There you go, perfect. So, we're gonna get our tortilla cooked for about 2 to 2.5 minutes turning occasionally until it's nice and soft and light and golden brown, and then we're gonna do the same thing with the remain dough balls. So, it's been about couple of minutes and our tortilla is done. As you can see, crisps up a little bit, puffs a little bit and it's a nice light brown and we'll just put that on there and that is it. How impressed will be your friends be when you make homemade corn tortillas. There you go, very simple, very easy. That's how you make corn tortillas.
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