How to Make Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers are a great low fat alternative to your typical hamburger. Top with cabbage, red onion and the sauce of your choice for a beautiful and delicious meal.

-Hey everyone Judith here. Well, today, I'm gonna be showing you to make Turkey Dinner Burgers a really low fat alternative to normal hamburger. So, what you'll need for this? 1 egg slightly beaten; 1/2 a teaspoon of salt; 1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper; 1 pound of uncooked lean ground turkey or lean ground chicken, today, we will be using the turkey; a quarter cup of fine dry bread crumbs; 1 tablespoon of olive oil; a quarter cup of jalapeno jelly melted or barbecue sauce, which we're using today; 3 package shredded red cabbage; thinly sliced red onion, as your desired toppings, or potato rolls, kaiser rolls, or hamburger buns, which we're using today split and toasted. Alright, fantastic, so let's get our mixture for our turkey burgers. So, first things first. Let's get our egg mixture in there, slightly beaten and it goes into the egg mixture our salt and pepper as well and then our bread crumbs and our ground turkey goes in there too. So, with your hands getting dirty, we're just gonna mix all of those ingredients together to form some nice patties. So, make sure you just grab all the ingredients, twist them around to get them all in, mix together well like so, and as I said, if you're trying to keep away from red meat, and as I said, if you're trying to keep away from red meat, this is a great healthier alternative, lean ground turkey much, much better. Now, if you feel your turkey mixture still a bit a little wet because of the egg, you can always add in some more bread crumbs as well. If it's too dry, add in a little bit more egg, you know, it's trial and error when you do these turkey burgers, but that's just about it I think. So, as all turkey mixtures all come together, we now wanna shape them into patties. So, about 3/4 of an inch thick should be good. We'll just round them using our hands just like you would a normal burger, so a round about that should do it nicely, there you go, and we'll do the same with the remaining turkey mixture. So, we formed our patties right here. So, in large skillet, nonstick skillet, let's add in our oil to the pan. Once you get that nice and hot fry up our patties. Now that the pan is nice and hot, let's take one of the patties and put them in the pan right there. Well do the same. You don't wanna overcrowd your pan if your pan is small because the more you have in there it lowers the temperature inside the skillet, but you know, our pan is pretty big, so put all 4 in there. Now, they wanna cook for about 10 minutes, 5 minutes on each side. Turn them over once and we'll come back and put our sauce on top of it. So, our turkey burgers have been kicking about 4 to 5 minutes on each side. So, let's just turn down the heat a little slightly and last but not the least, we're gonna put a little bit our barbecue sauce on both sides of the turkey burgers. So, if you have a baser obviously, you can use that to base it. Spoon works fine too. Spread it all on top of that to all of those lovely flavors are gonna infuse in the burger and we're gonna do the same to the other side. We'll put that barbecue sauce on and that will be ready to serve up. So, once you have your barbecue sauce on, let them cook just minute more on each side and that's it. So, we have her our toasted hamburger buns and all we gonna do is assemble them. So, let's get a little bit of this lovely red cabbage, just put a little bit on the bottom of each bun, and the same with our red onion, little bit of red onion on there for nice bite. We can make them a little bit stuffy, looks nice and rustic. Very good, very good, and then let's serve up our turkey burger that's nice and hot. We'll just turn those over and they are done. In there go, that goes on top, and look at how beautiful that is. Let's turn that head off now. They burn up pretty quickly. So, keep an eye on them, but also that barbecue sauce gives a nice brown effect. Oh, look at that, nice big burger fantastic, and there you go. That's how you make your Turkey Dinner Burgers, just beautiful.
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