How to Make Green Bean Casserole

Sprinkled french fried onions add a gorgeous finishing touch to this class green bean casserole dish.

Hey, everyone. I'm Judith. Well today, I'll be showing you how to make a Green Bean Casserole, a really fantastic dish for you and the family. So, what you'll need for this is one can of cream of mushroom soup, three-quarters of a cup of milk, an eighth of a teaspoon of black pepper, two frozen packages of green beans, and one-third of a cup of french fried onion. Fantastic. So, first things first. We have a two-quarter baking dish right here and what we're gonna do is we're gonna add in our mushroom soup into the bowl and our milk. There you go. Our pepper goes in there too and we're just gonna give that, first of all, a little bit of a stir so our cream of mushroom soup just kind of settles in a little bit like so. So, this is it. This is a pretty quick and simple one to do. Now, as I'm doing this, we have pre-heated our oven to 350-degrees Fahrenheit so that oven is staying nice and hot for our casserole. Alright the next thing, let's put in our green beans. So, obviously these are-- have been thawed out. They've been thawed out from frozen and if you wanted to make the green beans from scratch, of course, you can do so. Let's put as much [unk] like so. Perfect. Alright, now we'll give that a good stir. It's got all those ingredients in together and covered. Green beans are super good for you too. Alright, and last but not the least, we're gonna add half of our onions-- french fried onions into the dish like so and we'll give that a good stir. So, that's just gonna give it a really nice consistency, a little-- a different texture in the casserole there. Alright, beautiful. So, that was pretty simple to prepare. So, all that-- all we do now is put that into the oven for 30 minutes at 350-degrees Fahrenheit and five minutes before its crisp come out, we're gonna top it with the remaining fried onions. So, we've take our Green Bean Casserole out of the oven and remember in the last five minutes, we sprinkled it on with those french fried onions and it just looks gorgeous now. That's a great dish to be able to share with the family or friends. You know, a quick dinner when people are coming over. So, there you have it. That's how you make a Green Bean Casserole.
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