How to Make Vegetable Soup

Learn how to make this easy vegetable soup that will come in handy on chilly days. This great winter soup is chock full of healthy nutrients and chunky vegetables.

-Hey everyone, I'm Judith, well today, I'm gonna be showing you how make an easy vegetable soup, a really great winter warmer. So, what you'll need for this is one teaspoon of vegetable oil, a quarter cup of chopped onion. Once clove of minced garlic, a quarter teaspoon of dried parsley flakes, a quarter teaspoon of dried thyme leaves which we've crushed, 3-1/2 cups of beef broth, 2 medium carrot sliced, 1 medium potato cut into 1 inch pieces, and 1 cup of frozen cut green beans. Alright, so first things first, we're gonna get our saucepan right here, put it to a medium high heat and we're gonna add in our oil. So, we're just gonna sweat out those onions and garlic first. Alright, so, and goes the onion and the garlic. Then, we're also gonna add our lovely herbs. So, our thyme goes in there just gonna give a lovely nice punch to our vegetable soup and the parsley. There you go. So, we're gonna let that cook out for about a couple of minutes. So, our onions and garlic are nice and tender. So, now it's time to add in our broth, so and that goes. Now, you can use either reduced sodium or broth with sodium. If you do use broth with sodium, just be sure not to add in too much salt into the soup, which we're not gonna do today. So, in go the vegetables, the carrots, the potatoes go in there too and the green beans and obviously, you know, these were making today an easy vegetable soup, but put in there all the vegetables you like because obviously that's gonna make it taste even better just how you like it. So, we're gonna bring that broth to a boil, then turn down the heat and let it simmer for about 15 minutes with the cover on. So, our vegetable soup has been simmering about 15 to 20 minutes and all our veggies are nice, soft, and tender and it's just a beautiful flavor there from the garlic and all those herbs. So, that's ready to serve up now and serve it along with Little bit of crusty baguette and that would be beautiful. Oh that sauce just sucks, all that lovely soup, really warm and hearty and I like all the vegetables a little bit roughly cut, chunky like that, makes it more rustic and there you go. That's how you make and easy vegetable soup.
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