How to Saute Mushrooms

Learn how to saute mushrooms for a flavorful appetizer. They are delicious on their own or served on top of crostini. You can also use a mixture of mushroom type to maximize the earthy flavor!

-Hey, everyone, Judith here. Well, today, I'm gonna be showing you how to make dancing mushrooms and you certainly gonna be dancing after you tried this. So, what you'll need for this is 3 garlic cloves, which we've minced, 3 shallots peeled and cut into thin wedges, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 8 cups of mushrooms, a quarter cup mixed herbs, a quarter teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper. Alright, so we have a large skillet right here and we're gonna put it onto medium high heat like so. So, we'll get that skillet warmed. Now, let's get our olive oil, put it in there, let it get nice and hot, and the first things to go into pan your shallots and your garlic. So, we just wanna get those nice and off before put in the mushrooms. So, it will go in there for about 2 to 3 minutes, like so, stir those up a little bit. So, in a couple of minutes, we'll come back and add in our mushrooms. Alright, so our garlic and shallots are getting nice and softer make sure you don't get your garlic burned. So, if they are looking to starting to brown, just down the heat a little bit because that gives off quite a bitter taste if you have burned garlics. So we don't want that. So, now, we'll add in our assortment of mushrooms. If you can try and get a nice assortment of wild mushrooms, today, we're using wide button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms, but you know, you can go crazy if you get some maitake, but obviously if you get those ones and oyster mushrooms, they need to be cooked for a little bit longer about 10 to 12 minutes. For these ones, they can be cooked for about 8 minutes. So, we'll just go ahead and give that a nice stir, getting in with that garlic and shallots, and so this is gonna make an absolutely wonderful side dish or you can put it on top of pastas, serve it chicken, beef, again, very, very versatile. So, we'll just stir in those and that is gonna cook for about 6 to 8 minutes. Keep an eye on them, stir them occasionally, but in about 6 to 8 minutes, they should be nice and soft. Well, our mushrooms are browning up really, really beautifully. So, in the last couple of minutes, all we wanna do is add in our salt, sprinkle it around, obviously salted to your taste, vegetables need salt. So, make sure you do salt this, a little sprinkle of pepper too, and that's been at least we have her some nice fresh herbs. We've used fresh parsley and I've also used fresh tarragon and rosemary and these are just gonna give the mushrooms a lovely fragrant taste and it's always nice to use fresh if you can. So, just sprinkle them over our mushrooms. Tarragon particularly goes really great with mushrooms as this rosemary and it will make your kitchen smell just great of course. So, we'll give that a nice stir and look at that. That's just looking beautiful. I know shallots and garlic are just giving a beautiful fragrance to the pan too. So, as I said, I mean, that is a side dish, it's just fantastic. Serve it with chicken, serve it on top of your pasta as well. I would eat that as a main meal. That would be beautiful for me. Alright, so that now is just about done. Make sure all that stirred in. So, let's get a nice big bowl and will play it up. There you go and get all those lovely little bits of garlic in the bottom on top of that and that looks amazing. Yes, you will definitely be dancing after eating this. There you go everyone. That's how you make dancing mushrooms.
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