How to Make Cajun Tortilla Chips

If you want put a little spin on the typical chips and salsa combo, then find out how to make cajun tortilla chips. Even if you're not making the salsa from scratch, you can make this snack your own with homemade chips.

-Hey everyone, I'm Judith. Well today, I'm gonna be showing you how to spice up your tortilla chips because I'm gonna be showing you how to make Cajun tortilla chips. That's right. So, 2 or 3 very simple ingredients we'll need for this is 2 6-inch corn tortillas, a quarter teaspoon of Cajun season and I have some cooking spray as well as an extra. Alright, so first things first. I have preheated my oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. So, our oven is getting nice and hot that and I have a baking sheet here for our tortilla chips. So, first things first, let's get our nonstick cooking spray and we'll just gonna lightly spray our tortillas on both sides. I'm using this nice olive one. Still a little bit healthier. That would go. Now, let's put on this lovely Cajun seasoning. Obviously, you can use any kind of seasoning or herbs you like, but particularly like this one as a really, really good cake. Cajun seasoning is mostly composed cayenne pepper and paprika. So, I'm just gonna sprinkle on both sides that Cajun there. Now, obviously you like a little bit more spicier as this does contain chilli. Put some more on. I like a medium. I don't like too spicy. This should be just a perfect. Alright, now, all we need to do is cut our tortillas, so cut it in half first, and we're just gonna do this in 3, so let's make them into nice little triangles like so, and these are great nice little snack to have at home or when friends come over. They are perfect and homemade of course. Alright, so work on 3 as well and the same for the next one. Yeah, [unk]. So, now we're gonna put this on our baking dish like so. Make sure they don't overlap. There you go. How easy was that: Now, all that needed to do is go into the oven for about 8 minutes or until they are nice lightly brown and crisp. Alright our Cajun tortilla chips are about done. They've been in for about 8 minutes and they are nice and golden crisp just how we like them. So, that is now ready to serve up and obviously you can serve them with salsa, sour cream, anything you like or you can just eat them like that because that spiciness of the Cajun seasoning is just as good by itself. There you go. That's an excuse to true party. That's how you make your Cajun tortilla chips.
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