How to Make Light Cream Cheese Frosting

This light cream cheese frosting recipe will be perfect to top off your favorite cookies, cupcakes and other desserts.

Hi, I'm Miranda with And today I'm gonna show you how to make a Cream Cheese Frosting. Now this reduced cut recipe will be perfect to top your favorite cookies, cupcakes or other favorite desserts. I have our ingredients all laid out here. So let's get started. We have a half of an 8 ounce package of reduced fat cream cheese which just be softened. A quarter cut of butter also softened. 1 teaspoon of vanilla. 1 to 2 teaspoons as needed of milk and then two cups of powdered sugar. Okay. So we are gonna start by creaming the butter and the cream cheese together two very, very tasty things, in here with the vanilla. I got a little on my hand 'cause I like vanilla so much that's why we have an apron. Okay. So using our hand mixer, We are just on low and let just mix this together unto the vanilla is all the way through and it's nice and soft. That happens super fast. The joys of softening our cream cheese and butter before we start. Okay. Now we are going to slowly mix in our powdered sugar. I like to use as a glass measuring cup like this because it really allows me to spill it like sift a little bit in, mix it together and then keep going. Now, we introduce it slowly so that the butter and cream cheese isn't overwhelmed by the powder. You'll often notice in a lot of recipes that you'll do this, if you just dumped it all in. You may overwhelm the liquid that you have and it won't thicken. It will be a little bit too thick. And we're just gonna keep on going with this until it's all incorporated. Now these team together really beautifully. Look at this. Perfectly spreadable, it's ready to go. If for some reason it's a little bit thicker, that's how we have the milk there. Just like 1 teaspoon at a time kind of two maximum, you could just add this in to make it a little more creamy and spreadable. But we actually didn't have trouble with that here. We are perfect and ready to go. And look how beautiful this is. You are now ready to top anything delicious, maybe a carrot cake, maybe a cupcake but now you know how because you know how to make cream cheese frosting.
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