How to Make Oven-Fried Pork Chops

Frying pork chops doesn't sound quick and easy, but this recipe takes less than an hour to prepare. Once you taste the results, you'll never be tempted to just stop for a meal on your way home again.

Hey, everyone, I'm Judith with Now, today, I'm gonna be showing you how to make oven fried pork chops, a really quick and easy pork dish that will impress your friends. So, what you're gonna need is full pork loin chops, 120 ounce package of frozen roasted potato pieces. We have 2 tablespoons of fat-free milk, 1 egg right here, and we have 1 cup of corn bread stuffing mix. This is really quick and simple to do. So first of all, get a shallow baking dish like so, and we're just gonna add in our egg and our milk and will whisk those together, vegetable. So, this is gonna help with kind of like the butter for our pork chops. So, once that's all whisked in, let's get our second baking dish, and we're gonna add in our cornbread stuffing mixture. So, this is gonna make pork chops nice and crispy when they are oven fried like so. Let's get our pork chops right here, and now we've trimmed the fat a little bit from our pork chops. So, they are nice and lean meaty. So, first of all, we're gonna get out meat, and we're gonna put it in our egg mixture, both sides, and then we're gonna place it in our stuffing mixture and get that covered nicely with that cornbread mixture. So, once that's covered, let's get our potatoes into the bottom of our baking dish and when we're gonna lay our pork chops on top of that. So, they wanna get nice and golden brown in the oven, great. Okay, so let's get our pork chop and we're gonna put that on top like, so let's put it this way. There we go. Now, we've kept the bone on. A lot of people say, it makes the meat a little bit more juicier because it retains up moisture when the bone is on, but you can obviously get boneless pork chops if you wanted too as well. Put that there, and we'll do it with all of our pork chops, same thing. So, our pork chops and our potatoes are all ready to put in the oven. We preheated our oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, and we're gonna leave it uncovered and it's gonna be in there for about 20 minutes. We're gonna turn it once. We're gonna turn the potatoes once too. So, they all get nice golden brown, and that's it, and then they're coming out in 20 minutes. So, we removed our pork chops from the oven that been in there 20 minutes. Now, make sure you don't overcook your pork chops. The one thing if you do is that will become very tough and chewy and you do now want that. So make sure you check your pork chops. Make sure they are ready. These are lovely nice and crisp tender, looking beautiful. Serve them up with some of these lovely golden brown potatoes on the side right there, and that's it. So, that's how you make oven fried pork chops. Well, thanks for watching everyone. For more great recipes and savings, go to
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