How to Make One Dish Chicken and Rice Bake

This chicken and rice dish with mushroom sauce bakes deliciously and requires under five minutes of prep time.

-Hi! I'm Miranda with, and today, I'm gonna show you how to make a one dish chicken and rice bake. So, rice and chicken paired with a creamy mushroom sauce baked together in 1 dish makes really easy preparation and really, really clean up, so let's get started. I have our ingredients all laid out here. We have 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast half of about 1 pound. We have 1 can of condensed mushroom soup today. We're using Campbell's. We have 3 quarters of a cup of long-grain white rice, 1 cup of water, and a quarter teaspoon each of paprika and freshly ground pepper. So, we are going to start by taking our 2-quart shallow baking dish, and we are going to get our condensed mushroom soup in here and then the water, the rice, and the majority of the paprika and the pepper. We're gonna save just a tiny, tiny bit for the end 'coz we're just gonna sprinkle it over the top to just kind of, you know, grab most of it. Just save a little sprinkle for the very end. Perfect. And just mix the salt together. So, you're just kind of-- kinda make a nice little soup out of everything. You could use a spoon. You can use whatever you want. I find a little rubber spatula helps me just kind of smoosh down the-- the condensed soup. And it doesn't have to be perfectly mixed. It will obviously melt and thin out in the oven. Perfect. Okay. Now, we're just going to place our chicken breast on top. It will kind of soak in there, but don't worry about like fully submerging them. Wonderful. And now let's sprinkle with the remainder of our paprika, just a nice little sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle on the top, and the pepper. Okay. So now we're gonna cover it and then pop it into the oven, again at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked and the rice is nice and tender. So let's come back then. Okay. So, it's been 45 minutes and we've pulled our one dish chicken and rice bake out of the oven. Look how fantastic it looks. The chickens are wonderfully cooked through. The rice is just really great and tender. This is gonna make a perfect dinner. Now, for a full dinner, consider adding a steamed vegetable blend with it and maybe some crusty whole-wheat rolls and a perfect dessert will be fresh apple slices dipped in store-bought caramel sauce. And there you go. Super easy. Easy to do. Easy to clean up. That's how you make One dish chicken and rice bake. Thanks for watching. And for more great recipes and savings, visit us at
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