How to Make Fred's Finest Baby Back Ribs

Fred's Finest baby back ribs will make your barbeque taste buds happy. The end product of soft meat and carmelized sauce will have this be your favorite recipe in no time.

-Hey everyone, I'm Judith with, and today I'm gonna be showing you how to make Fred's Finest baby back ribs. A really finger licking good classic barbecue dish. So, what you gonna need for this is one cup of barbecue sauce, a quarter cup of apple cider. We have quarter cup of Dijon mustard. We have 1 tablespoon of chili powder. We have a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper. We have 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, and 1 tablespoons of paprika. We have a quarter teaspoon of salt, some black pepper to taste, and 2 tablespoons of honey, and right here of course, we have our baby back ribs. We have 6 racks of baby back ribs here, and there's a pouch between 8 and 11 baby back ribs in each of them. So, it's probably about 12 pounds in total. So, let's get started. Let us get our Dijon mustard first of all, and we're get a brush, and we're gonna based our baby back ribs, front and back, with our mustard. So, now, I've made sure to wash and pat try my baby back ribs, and we removed the membranes from the back of the ribs as well. So, we have nice lean meaty. This actually baby back ribs are more meatier than spare ribs. That's why they are slightly more expensive. Spare ribs are more most inexpensive cut. So, now that our baby back ribs are all mustard it up, if that's the word. I'll add our all our dry spices into a small bowl, and these are just gonna give the baby back ribs are really nice kick. We always like a nice rib on our pork, and this is good. So, we put all our spices in there including our salts. We'll garnish with black pepper after. We'll mix all that in, and we're just gonna rub this mixture on both sides of our pork again like we did with the mustard, and we're gonna roast them at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes to an hour. Now, if you don't have aluminum roasting bags, what you can do is a little trick as we can put water at the bottom of our baking tray and we can cover it foil just in case you can find them. So, that's what we'll do next. So, guys, it's not that you will break it if you don't have aluminum roasting bag. What we've done is we placed our baby back ribs on baking tray and we've slightly cover them with water. We let the water be at the bottom of our baking tray. We filled the baking tray with water, and we covered it with aluminum foil to let that steam come up, let the baby back ribs get some moisture and let that fat on those baby back ribs melt way. So, we've taken them out of the oven now. It's been there for about 45 minutes, looking great, steaming beautifully, and now it's time for our next step. So, if you have a grill, fantastic, because that will be the next step, you'll put them on your grill after you glazed them. I will actually gonna put them under the broiler, under a low heat for about 10 minutes. But first of all let's get our remaining ingredients. Now, we have our apple cider here. So, we're just gonna brush them on. You can spray them on too if have one of those spray hand, but we'll just brush them on both sides. Be careful because it will be little hot, and we'll do it for all of the ribs. So, now that I have spatter them in some of that of apple cider, they are ready to do under the broiler for about 10 minutes, and on a low heat. And now, you can tell, when your baby back ribs have been done once we've taken them out of the oven. You grab them with a pair of tongs to do like this and they bend easily like so, nice and flexible, got them doing some yoga, that's is ready. So, let's put them under the broiler and we'll be back in 10-12 minutes. So, we've taken our baby back ribs from under the broiler, and now they're ready to be pasted with our barbecue sauce, and there's nothing better than baby back ribs and beautiful barbecue sauce, really great serving dish and taste fantastic. So, we'll paste all of this up, and then we're gonna put them under the broiler again for 10 minutes and just before they come out, we're gonna drizzle them with our lovely honey and that's just gonna give a nice sweetness to these barbecue baby back ribs. So, we've taken our baby back ribs now from under the broiler that in there for 10 minutes and we just drizzle them with honey before finally taking them out in the last couple of minutes we put them down on this beautiful carving board right here and they look just fantastic, juicy, tender, finger-licking good, that's for sure, and you're friends are gonna love you for this. So, all you need to do know is you can either cut them yourself. You can cut them down the bone, like so, and you can serve them individually like this, or if you want, serve them in a long line like that, and they'll love you anyway. Serve it before a game, at a Halloween party. They're gonna go down great. So, that's how you make Fred's finest baby back ribs. We'll thanks for watching everyone. For more great recipes and savings, go to
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