How to Make Country Chicken Soup

It's worth learning how to make country chicken soup—it's suprisingly easy, and heartier than typical chicken noodle. Plus, the flavor of homemade soup—chicken, vegetables, rice with a flavorful broth—will conquer canned every time.

-Hey, everyone, I'm Judith with, and today, I'm gonna be making for you a warm and hearty food for the soul, a Country Chicken Soup. That's right. Very, very nice. So what you'll need: 2 cans of cooked chicken breast which is about 9 ounces. We're gonna need half a cup of long-grain rice. We have 1 medium carrot which we've sliced. We have 1 stalk of celery which we've sliced, and we have 1 chopped onion right there. We've got an eighth of a teaspoon of thyme and an eighth of a teaspoon of poultry seasoning, and right here in our large pot, we have 5-1/4 cups of chicken broth. That's right. So we're gonna get our chicken broth to a medium heat, and we are gonna add in our onions... and our veggies, so let's get our celery in there and our carrots and that's just gonna give that broth some very nice flavor. And, of course, our seasoning goes in there, too. That thyme, great flavor in there, and our poultry seasoning which is a mix of nice dried herbs. So, we'll give that a stir. And now we're gonna add our rice. So, very quick and simple. That goes in. Now that we've brought it to a boil and the rice is in there, we're gonna reduce the heat and let it simmer for 20 minutes. So, our soup has been simmering for 20 minutes, so that's just about done. And now it's time to add in our cooked chicken. So, just put that in there. Very easy. Give it a little stir. Get it all around there with the veggies. That's smelling and looking very good. And then we'll just give it a minute or so there to cook through and then we're gonna serve that up. Great, so it's been a minute. Our chicken's warm. Everything looks fabulous. We've got a really nice thick chicken broth, And we're just gonna bowl that up right here, and that is just delicious. Really great on a cold winter's day, or when you need a bit of cheering up, that is gonna warm your soul. There you go, that's how you make a Country Chicken Soup. Well, thanks for watching, everyone. For more great recipes and savings, go to
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