How to Make Basic Roasted Green Beans

Learn how to make basic roasted green beans, and suddenly the vegetable has a whole new flavor. Roasted green beans make a great side dish for chicken, fish, beef or pork.

-Hi, I'm Miranda with, and today, I'm gonna show you how to make basic roasted green beans. So, this is a fantastic, easy, super yummy side dish that would delicious paired with chicken, beef, or fish. So, I have all the ingredients laid out here. We're gonna do 1 pound of greens beans washed with the steam and trimmed, then we're going to use 1 to 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. We just wanna have enough to coat. So, it started 3 and may not use it all. So, we'll just check in and see, then half of a teaspoon of salt, and lemon juice is optional here. So, I have a nice little squeeze that we're gonna finish off at the end, but if you don't have lemon juice, feel free to skip that part, and then also a little pinch of pepper. The oven behind me is preheated to 475 degrees, and I've moved one of racks right into the middle of the oven because when you're roasting-- and that will really ensure that you got a nice, even, you know, cooked dish throughout. I have this baking sheet, which has been lined with parchment paper, and I'm just gonna set this to the side as I start by drizzling in some oil here. I just gonna drizzle, drizzle, drizzle. Okay. And see you have some settling in the bottom, which you're gonna be able to toast, and then just sprinkle that salt, okay. We're just gonna give a little toast here, and you know, depending on the size of [unk] just as easier to just get in there with your hands and this coated nicely. So, see, I still have some like olive oil at that bottom. I'm definitely not gonna need to add in anymore. Some just gonna left that hangout over there and just give my little pinch of pepper, perfect, okay. Wipe off the hand. You don't want slipper hand when you're trying to put something into the oven, and let's pop this on for baking sheet here. Beautiful, beautiful, and I'm just gonna spread them out. So everything kind of can evenly cook and has a chance to get nice and yummy and roasted. So, just make sure, this is evenly spread throughout. Now, we're gonna pop it in the oven, which again is at 475 degrees and we're gonna let this cook for about 15 minutes until they are tender and a little bit brown. So, we're gonna come back then. Okay, so our greens beans roasted for 15 minutes at 475. Check out how lovely they look. So, this is what you're looking for. So, a little bit brown. Look at that perfect like roasted-ness. They're still tender, like they're still pliable, and they do get a little bit sort crinkle, just a tiny, but the texture. So, when it looks like this, you know you're going to go. This is perfectly classic wonderful side dish, but we're not quite done. We're gonna finish it off. Lemon juice is optional, but I think it provides a nice little zing at the end. So, we're just gonna do like a little drizzle of lemon juice and then just a more salt and pepper to taste on. Remember we did a tiny bit in the beginning, but so it's good to add a little bit more to, you know, finish off the dish. If you like a little, do a little. If you like a lot, do a lot, and pepper is a nice flavor with green beans like a nice crunchy chip and, you know, pepper and lemon together are always fantastic, so just give this another little toast and if you decide to go ahead with the lemon, and you're good to go. Very, very easy, really healthy, full of those like heart healthy olive oil because we didn't use butter. There you have it. That's you make basic roasted green beans. Thanks for watching, and for more great recipes and savings, visit us
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