How to Make Banana-Strawberry Smoothies

If you want a great way to get a protein/fruit boost in the morning, learn how to make this banana strawberry smoothie.

Hi. I'm Miranda with, and today we're gonna whip up some Banana Strawberry Smoothies. This healthy, easy, simple treat is perfect for after work or after school. So we have our ingredients all laid out here. Let's get started. We have two ripe small bananas here. We have one 8-ounce container of low-fat vanilla yogurt. We have one cup of unsweetened whole frozen strawberries, so you don't want strawberries with anything added, then we also have three-quarters of a cup of milk. Over here, I have my blender, so we're just gonna take our top off...pop our strawberries, our yogurt and milk right on in. Beautiful. And we're just gonna make our lives a little bit more simple and just quickly chop our bananas. I'm just gonna loosely chop it lengthwise and then across, just putting it into chunks. Depending upon how strong your blender is, you may need to do this extra step, if it's not up to the task, easing...all right. So, throw those banana chunks in there, right on into your blender, so now we're gonna put the lid on, and we are gonna blend this on high until it's all mixed together. Again, depending on your blender, that might be up towards a minute. I think it's just gonna be lickety-split for us until it's all mixed together, blend on high. Beautiful. Look how gorgeous pink this smoothie is, and it smells fantastic. We are ready to pour it into a glass. So nice and frothy. Full of yummy fruit. It's the perfect healthy pick-me-up. And there you go. How easy was that? That's how you make Banana Strawberry Smoothies. Thanks for watching, and for more great recipes and savings, visit us at
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