Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is a juice made from tomatoes.


  1. Fresh Tomato Bloody Marys

    The ingredients for Andreas Viestad's fiery Bloody Mary all come from his garden. Like a classic Bloody Mary made with tomato juice , it's a delicious brunch cocktail--with or without vodka. For savory flavor, add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce to each drink.

  2. Peppy Virgin Mary

    This spicy tomato juice drink is quick to make. Serve it for brunch or summer parties.

  3. Sangrita Soup

    Combining fresh tomato juice and orange juice, this cold soup was inspired by sangrita--the zippy Mexican drink typically served at bars as a tequila chaser. "I love how the tomato and orange juices combine to form an entirely new flavor," Marcia Kiesel says. For fun, add a shot glass or two of ...

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  1. Super Sips: Make a Fresh Bloody Mary

    Fri, 5 Sep 2014

    t be a Bloody Mary without tomato juice , so that’s what I tackled first ..... time I had a jar full of fresh tomato juice , which I then passed through a ..... while you only need a few ounces of tomato juice for a Bloody Mary, if you’re going

  2. Light and Fresh Comfort Food: Squash and Tomato Casserole

    Wed, 10 Sep 2014

    additional flavors evenly, while keeping the vegetables from drying out in the oven. Cutting out the flour meant some tomato juice remained at the bottom of the casserole after baking, but it didn’t cause it to become mushy and no one seemed to

  3. Gin It Up! How to Stock the Perfect Home Bar

    Thu, 23 Aug 2012

    straight-out bottles of booze you’ll need. The chart also include the mixers and garnishes — tonic, club soda, tomato juice (remember, you’re making the Bloody Mary’s on Sunday), cocktail onions ( Sidecar , anyone?), olives, hot sauce, on

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Food Blogs We Love

  1. Spanish Chicken

    Tue, 14 Feb 2012

    Quick and easy yet tasty and healthy ! 2 servings 207 calories per serving 2/3 c finely chopped onions ¼ c sliced mushrooms 1 ¼ c cubed cooked chicken breast (Perdue Shortcuts work great here) ½ 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes ½ c cooked rice ½ c tomato juice ½ c chicken broth 1/3 c [...]

  2. Roasted Vegetable Orzo

    Sat, 8 Dec 2012

    said, there are a couple exceptions related to my cooking style / repertoire. I'm careful with tomato sauce and tomato juice , wiping it off if it spills or splatters. And then there is turmeric, oh, and saffron. I'm not interested in

  3. Down to the Last Three Jars

    Wed, 8 Aug 2012

    is it the memory of a very fun night we spent together, splattered and sweating, our kitchen counters dripping with tomato juice ? Or is it just the smell of what's inside, every jar scented like a tomato fresh off the vine? It's all of the

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