(poh LEN tuh) Italian-style mush made by boiling a mixture of cornmeal or farina and water.


  1. Yakima Valley Polenta

    "Merv Dykstra, one of our favorite purveyors, inspired this recipe," Doran explains. "Instead of calling it 'Merv's Polenta ,' we named it after Yakima Valley, near where Merv is from." Cafe Flora grills homemade polenta triangles, but we made things easier by calling for prepared polenta .

  2. Polenta with Fresh Tomato Sauce

    This quick-to-fix homemade sauce of fresh tomatoes, kalamata olives, and rosemary is served with fried polenta . For full flavor, sprinkle shredded smoked Gouda cheese.

  3. Polenta With Mushroom Ragu

    Use a package of polenta to make this two-person side dish as fast as possible.

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  1. Guilt-Free Comfort Food: Polenta Vegetable Casserole

    Mon, 1 Dec 2014

    Polenta is my cool-weather comfort food. Hands ..... up a little onion and garlic and top the polenta with a poached egg (this makes a killer ..... or pork to throw into the mix. But this Polenta & Vegetable Bake surprised me with its

  2. Love Pizza and Gluten-Free? Try this Amazing Polenta Tart!

    Thu, 6 Feb 2014

    gluten-free crowd pleasers is a great idea! This Polenta Tart recipe struck me as an awesome, easy ..... are two components to this recipe: the polenta crust and the toppings. You can easily make the polenta ahead of time, pour it into the final vessel

  3. 31 Days of Great Grilling: Dessert Polenta with Balsamic Plums

    Tue, 28 May 2013

    Dessert Polenta with Grilled Balsamic Plums is one of those ..... so the flavor of the pre-sweetened polenta and the plums become deliciously complex ..... as a brightening jolt of acid. Dessert Polenta with Balsamic Plums is so unexpected

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  1. How to Make Polenta Sausage Bowl

    Fri, 7 Oct 2011

    m gonna be showing you how to make a Polenta Sausage Bowl, a really hearty and nutritious ..... for this is 1 16-ounce tube of cooked polenta , 1 pound of bulk Italian sausage, 1 ..... So first things first. Let's get our polenta . Now, for people who don't know what

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    I'm Judith. Today, I'm gonna be showing you how to make a Polenta Sausage Bowl, a really hearty and nutritious Italian dish. So what you're gonna need for this is 1 16-ounce tube of cooked polenta , 1 pound of bulk Italian sausage, 1 cup of cherry tomatoes, 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms, 2 zucchinis which we've sliced lengthways, some salt and pepper to taste, some grated parmesan cheese to taste, 1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning, and 1 tablespoon of cooking oil. So first things first. Let's get our polenta . Now, for people who don't know what polenta is, it's actually an Italian dish made with boiled cornmeal and you can fry polenta , you can grill it, and obviously you can boil that when you buy it in powder form, but we have it here and we sliced it into 12 slices. So, as you can see, we put it into 12 rings right here. Now, we've got a baking sheet right here, which we've lightly greased with some cooking spray, and all we're gonna do is place our polenta down onto that dish. So now we have our zucchini, and we're just gonna put that in on our dish with the polenta like so. So, let's get our cooking oil and we're just gonna brush our polenta and zucchini with our oil on both sides. And last but not least, let's just season that with some salt and pepper to your liking. I'm a big salt fan, so I usually put a little bit more than I should, but that's alright. So, a little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper. So, we're just gonna put our polenta and zucchini onto the broiler for 8 to 10 minutes. We'll turn it once halfway. We wanna get our polenta nice and golden brown and our zucchini nice and tender. While the polenta is under the broiler, let's get on with our meat. Now, here we have our Italian bulk sausage. So, bulk sausage is
    alternative, but I find that the pork works really well with the polenta , so that's why we're using it. So, we're gonna cook this until it begins to brown, and then after that, we're gonna
    through, and our vegetables are nice and tender. Well, we've taken our polenta and our zucchini out from under the broiler and all we've done is slice our zucchini crosswise like so. Now, our polenta has got a nice light brown color as you can see, so it's nice and crispy, looking fantastic, and our meat and veg are done as well. Those tomatoes have softened. They're nice and juicy. The meat is cooked through. So now it's time to plate up. This is my favorite part because I know I'm gonna be eating soon. So, all we can do is put some of our polenta down there. Now, as I said, there's so many ways you can cook polenta , with butter, with cheese, you know, with different things, vegetables, meat. Let's spoon some of our lovely sausage mushroom mixture on top

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  1. Thanksgiving 2011: Roasted Squash and Polenta Torta with Red Onion Marmalade

    Fri, 4 Nov 2011

    everything you need to know about this Polenta Torta, in a series of five photographs ..... So we chose this Roasted Squash and Polenta Torta. We'll spare you the full details ..... roasting of the squash, the making of the polenta and the caramelization of the onions each

  2. Pesto Polenta Cakes with Caramelized Onions

    Thu, 12 Apr 2012

    packed brown sugar 2 cups milk 1 cup of Polenta (Fine Corn Meal) Pinch of salt 2 oz ..... Season with salt and gradually stir in the polenta . Reduce heat to low, stirring often ..... mixture thickens, about 30 minutes. Once polenta has thickened, stir in caramelized onions

  3. Creamy Polenta with Sausages and Roasted Grapes

    Wed, 11 Jan 2012

    for a little inspiration. This Creamy Polenta with Sausages and Roasted Grapes sounded ..... innovation" here is microwaving the polenta . Bon Appétit says it "puts an end to ..... suppose. Honestly, we don't think polenta is all that time-consuming or labor

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  1. Country Woman: "Sweet On Corn"

    Sat, 1 Jan 2000

    Submit your original recipe featuring corn, fresh, frozen, or canned; cornmeal and polenta recipes are also accepted. Any course is eligible. Prizes: Grand Prize wins $500; second place wins $300; third place wins

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