The fragile, lacy, red skin that surrounds the nutmeg seed. The color of this spice changes to a tannish orange as it dries, and the skin becomes brittle. The flavor is more intense and pungent but less sweet than nutmeg.


  1. Pear-Mace Rustic Tart

    Mace is a spice that comes from the covering that surrounds nutmeg seeds. It has a flavor similar to nutmeg and marries beautifully with pears for an unforgettable holiday dessert. Plus, the tart is literally easier than pie because you simply fold over the crust.

  2. Spiced Doughnut Holes

    Skip the bakery and make these homemade mini doughnuts. Cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, and mace give these glazed breakfast treats their flavor.

  3. Christmas Stollen

    This classic German fruit-studded yeast bread is distinguished by a rich sweet dough spiced with mace .

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