Flank Steak

A cut of beef from the flank of the animal.


  1. Hanger Steak with Warm Bulgur Salad

    At the restaurant, Mark Sullivan marinates bavette ( flank steak ) in a blend of 12 Moroccan spices. At home, you can replace the bavette with juicy hanger steak , which is less expensive. Skip the spice blend; instead, boost the flavor of the meat by marinating it in garlic, cumin and olive oil.

  2. Flank Steak Salad with Cantaloupe

    Italian salad dressing and lemon peel make this marinade for flank steak light and easy to prepare.

  3. Flank Steak with Vegetable Skewers

    A simple herb and garlic spice rub recipe enhances the flavor of this grilled flank steak . Serve the steak , mushroom, and vegetable kabobs with rice for a complete meal.

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  1. 8 Great Grilling Recipes for Memorial Day

    Wed, 21 May 2014

    that charcoal or gas cooktop to good use this Memorial Day and beyond. Grilled Steak Pasta Salad Beef up traditional pasta salad with grilled and sliced flank steak . Serve as a filling side or satisfying main dish for your picnic or potluck

  2. Tomatillo Green Sauce: Minimal Ingredients, Maximum Flavor

    Wed, 19 Feb 2014

    s it! We use this sauce on all sorts of dishes, from shredded chicken or pork tacos to grilled chicken breasts and flank steak . It’s great just as a salsa for dipping with chips or tortillas. Once we make a batch, we keep it in the fridge and

  3. Steak Night!: Make the Takeout

    Tue, 27 Dec 2011

    favorite steakhouse for a a steak dinner to go? Fugeddaboutit ..... under the broiler, a steak dinner is one of the easiest ..... plain grilled version. Flank steak is a good mid-range-priced ..... recipe for Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak calls for cumin, garlic

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  1. How to Make Simply Better Steak

    Mon, 31 Oct 2011

    how to make a simple better steak , and you don't need that ..... boneless sirloin round or flank steak , today, we'll be using flank steak ; 4 teaspoons of steak seasoning ..... we have refrigerated our flank steak for about 2 to 3 hours now

    Flank Steak Steak found at 0:19

    today, I'm gonna be showing you how to make a simple better steak and you don't need that many ingredients to do so. So, what you'll need is 1 cup of classic Worcestershire sauce; 2-3 pounds of boneless sirloin round or flank steak , today, we'll be using flank steak ; 4 teaspoons of steak seasoning or salt and pepper to taste if you don't have steak seasoning, but we have some lovely seasoning, which we'll be using for our steak today. So, quite simply, the first process, we put our steak into a dip dish, and all we gonna do is marinate that steak with our Worcestershire sauce like so and that will just give a really intense and beautiful flavor ready for grilling. So, we wanna refrigerate that for about 30 minutes to up to 3 hours. The more you can do it, the better because in all of those nice flavors infused into the stake and that will be ready for grilling. So, we'll be back in a little bit and we'll get grilling. So, we have refrigerated our flank steak for about 2 to 3 hours now and it's looking good nice and marinated. So, we've drained off any excess Worcestershire sauce, taking all that out of there and so finally let's season our steak with that steak seasoning. As I said, if you don't have any, you can just use good all salt and pepper of course. So, we'll give that a good chance, do to other side. Now, right beside me, I have my grill pan going there getting nice and hot for our flank steak . So, if you have a barbecue of course and you go grill on that, that's even better to use, but grill pans work just well. Alright, so that's seasoned up nicely, the remaining of that on there, fantastic. Okay, so that's nice and hot now, our grill pan. So let's add our flank steak to the pan. And we wanna cook that. It's on a medium high right now. We wanna cook that for about 15 minutes for a medium rest. So, turn halfway, turn it once and get it cooked through and yeah, then we'll be back. So, steak is done. It's been about 15 minutes. We turned it on the other side and that is gorgeous now, lovely and charred on both sides. Nice grill marks that and nice and juicy as you can see that. Now, make sure, you let your steak rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing into it. That will let those juices redistribute in the meat and also prevents it from drying out, and also the steak continues to cook a few minutes after you've taken it off the heat. So, it's very essential that you just let it rest for 10 minutes before you dive into it, and there you go everyone, really delicious. That's how you make as simply better steak

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  1. Flank Steak with Peanut Butter Noodles and a Philly Bloggers Meet-up

    Wed, 26 Oct 2011

    the table without any argument, hide the jar of peanut butter before your better half sees it. Quick Dinner Fixins: Flank Steak with Peanut Butter Noodles From America’s Test Kitchen 30-Minute Suppers Spring 2011 Ingredients: 1/2 cup creamy

  2. Vietnamese BBQ Tacos

    Fri, 31 Jul 2015

    sampling of flavors, from Korean Flank Steak , Grilled Lamb with Mint Chimichurri ..... strip, flank, flat iron or skirt steak . Get your grill ready on medium ..... ACROSS the grain if using skirt or flank steak . Thank you for your support! Starting

  3. Thai Steak Salad Recipe

    Tue, 23 Jun 2015

    sliced, perfectly seared steak tops a Thai salad of crunchy ..... roasted vegetable. This Thai Steak Salad also has one additional ..... What makes this Thai Steak Salad recipe so appealing ..... perfectly grilled, sliced flank steak , and you have a meal that only takes

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