Any of several varieties of salad greens that grow in bunchy heads. Endive may have slender, whitish green leaves, frilly green leaves, or reddish leaves, depending on the variety. Endive is known for its mildly bitter taste.


  1. Endive -Mango Appetizers

    Endive leaves make stunning appetizers. Try this quick and easy recipe for your next party.

  2. Pear & Endive Salad with Honey Vinaigrette

    Pears and crunchy walnuts make this quick-to-make green endive salad company special.

  3. Grilled Endive Salad

    Grilling the endive on just one side makes for a delicious mix of charred, silky, and crunchy leaves.

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  1. Elegant Holiday Appetizers with Endive — Easy Does It

    Tue, 24 Dec 2013

    Endive never needs to be washed! Already you’re ahead ..... elegant recipes for holiday appetizers . Endive is a delicious vegetable but one you might never ..... the dark. The roots sprout red or green endive “chicons,” which are crunchy and crisp

  2. Avocado: Fresh Talk

    Thu, 8 Mar 2012

    Avocado Halves with Pink Grapefruit and Endive . Roasted avocado halves filled with tender sautéed endive and shallots and topped with juicy pink grapefruit ..... ingredients of this salad are equally impressive: Endive is a member of the chicory family, it

  3. Pears to Perfection: Fresh Talk

    Thu, 25 Oct 2012

    three delicious recipes to try: Arugula Pear Salad with pine nuts and pancetta; Mesclun with Pears and Blue Cheese ; and an Endive Pear Halloumi Salad with sherry vinaigrette . Pears also meld beautifully with pork in both this Pork and Pear Stir-Fry , crunchy with almonds

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  1. Tuna Salad in Endive

    Tue, 11 Oct 2011

    This makes a great lunch or you can serve them up as appetizers as your next party. When you do away with the bread, tuna fish makes a great low cal lunch Tuna Salad in Endive

  2. Starkrimson Pear and Fennel Salad

    Wed, 26 Sep 2012

    cheese or charcuterie board.... or in this salad. Pears, endive and fennel are not only a classic combination but one of my ..... sliced 1 fennel bulb, quartered, cored and thinly sliced 1 head endive , leaves separated 2 cups arugula leaves 1/4 cup crumbled

  3. Easy Leftover Turkey Salad with Creamy Orange Poppy Dressing

    Thu, 23 Jan 2014

    well be substituted for the clementines, and you could opt for using fresh and crisp bean sprouts instead of the julienned endive . I think radishes would work beautifully well in this, and cashews would be a wonderful addition, too! Oh, and quite obviously

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