A tiny, firm berry with brilliantly colored, shiny skin and a tart tangy flavor.


  1. Red Currant -Poppyseed Thumbprints

    Red currant jelly graces the center of these traditional Christmas cookies. This recipe using thumbprints is kid friendly.

  2. Currant Glaze for Turkey

    This quick five-ingredient glaze recipe will give your Thanksgiving turkey a beautiful glossy look.

  3. Pork Chops with Currant -Nut Stuffing

    Serve this fancy main dish recipe for two for birthdays, Valentine's Day, and wedding anniversaries. Thick-cut pork chops, stuffed with cornbread, hazelnuts, and currants, have current-ginger glaze.

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  1. Make-Ahead Baking: Baked Doughnuts

    Mon, 3 Nov 2014

    pockets of air. I like to make them on chilly weekends to serve alongside a hot cup of coffee. Most recently, I baked these currant doughnuts , spiced with a generous grating of nutmeg and hint of cinnamon. get the recipe for baked doughnuts here If you

  2. Learning to Love Rosé (Plus 5 Picks to Put You in the Pink): Wine 101

    Thu, 13 Sep 2012

    fruitful wine is balanced with herbal and spicy notes, and the flavor includes mildly sweet hints of black raspberry and black currant . Perfect pairings: grilled chicken or vegetarian fare • Wolffer Rosé , $15 Summer may be coming to an end

  3. Presidential Palates: What Did Your Favorite President Like to Eat?

    Wed, 8 Aug 2012

    guess is more than one lady snuck a little gin into their squall.” So, will Ann Romney’s recipe for Welsh Skillet Cakes ( currant scones) make it into the history of presidential food faves? We’ll find out in November. But in the mean time, maybe

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Food Blogs We Love

  1. Roast Leg of Lamb with Apples and Fennel

    Wed, 12 Dec 2012

    Roast Leg of Lamb with Apples and Fennel has wonderful, slightly unexpected flavors, including pomegranate, red currant and lemon.

  2. Sweetly Intoxicating: A Dessert Wine Adventure with Jameson Fink

    Mon, 6 Feb 2012

    assortment of Finnriver dessert wines (Black Currant , Pear, and Blueberry), and some sweetened ..... was a very pleasant beverage. The Black Currant wine was mellow and well-balanced ..... But my favorite combo? The Black- currant wine with prosecco. Nice, very nice

  3. Inspired by currants

    Mon, 9 Jul 2012

    popsicles - watermelon, raspberry and currant . Also sweet with a touch of sour. We ..... and lime-flavored black raspberry and currant custard makes six 6-ounce ramekins 1 ..... or chilled. Watermelon, raspberry and currant pops makes 10 pops 1/3 cups (85 ml

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