A lean saltwater fish with a white, delicately flavored, firm flesh that separates into large flakes when cooked.


  1. Couscous With Cod

    Wine-marinated cod is roasted and served on a bed of couscous flecked with bits of basil and vegetables. The combo makes a satisfying low-fat dinner.

  2. Cod Quenelles with Tomato Cream

    These poached cod dumplings add an elegant note to dinner, making them ideal to serve to guests.

  3. Cod with Artichokes and Chickpeas

    At The Restaurant: $29 per person. This recipe is based on barigoule, a Provencal dish of artichokes, mushrooms and oil. To serve with cod , Mark Sullivan prepares it with baby artichokes and chanterelles.At Home: $8 per person. Make the dish with frozen artichokes and shiitake mushrooms, which are ...

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  1. Healthy Cod Fish & Mexican Tacos: Cook Once, Eat Twice Twice

    Tue, 25 Sep 2012

    Cod is a mild, flaky fish. Sound dull? No ..... golden crust that bursts with flavor. Pop cod in the oven, and you’ll get a beautiful ..... Sounds good. Sounds healthy ! The best part of cod , though, is you can make this quick and easy

  2. Quick Cod Dinner with a Sassy Aioli Touch

    Tue, 29 Nov 2011

    healthy, tasty meal. Since I had some fresh cod filets waiting in the refrigerator ..... I came across this recipe for Pan Seared Cod with Preserved Lemon Aioli , which ..... online resources, from Michigan. Crazy for cod ? Try these quick-and-easy codfish recipes

  3. Fish Main Dishes: Light and Fresh Dinners for Spring

    Fri, 11 Apr 2014

    a dish that sounds familiar, or one that’s a little outside of your comfort zone, and get cooking. A crunchy, cheesy topping gives baked cod flavor and texture. Serve this with a side of mixed greens for an easy, yet elegant, dinner.

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  1. Photos from Summer: Kentucky, Detroit, New York, and a return to Cape Cod

    Tue, 3 Sep 2013

    Photos from Summer, including trips to Kentucky, Detroit, New York, and a return to Cape Cod .

  2. Shrimp and Avocado Salad

    Thu, 10 Jul 2014

    Food Network Magazine (July/August 2014) Last year, we spent the Fourth of July in Las Vegas with 10 friends for a bachelor party. The year before, the two of us were on the beach in Provincetown, on Cape Cod . This...

  3. California Cioppino

    Mon, 5 Nov 2012

    attraction. Serve with hearty bread or bread sticks to sop up all of the broth. Ingredients: 1 lb fresh skinless salmon 1 lb fresh cod 2 medium fennel bulbs, trimmed and thinly sliced 3 tbs olive oil 3 cups coarsely chopped plum tomatoes 4 cups fish or chicken

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