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    Pumpkin Pecan Muffins

    Sugar In The Raw®

    Enjoy a taste of autumn any time with these easy to assemble muffins.

    Our Best Crock Pot Beef Recipes

    Get our best crock pot beef recipes in one unique collection. We've got great recipes for pot roast, stew, and more -- you're sure to enjoy!

    Creamy Chicken & Pasta

    Don¿t skimp on flavor even when you¿re short on time. Creamy chicken and pasta is a quick dish that¿s easy to customize with your family's favorite vegetables.

    Our Best Baked Chicken Recipes

    Our best baked chicken recipes are gathered into one unique collection. From oven fried to roasted whole chickens, we've got recipes that are great for every family dinner.

    Easy Freezer Meal for the Family: Slow Cooker Chili

    Learn how to make the most of your slow cooker with freezer meals for busy days ahead. Plus: Get our recipe for Slow Cooker Mexican Chili!

    Mexican Chicken Pozole Verde

    Food & Wine

    There are many variations on pozole, a traditional hominy-based Mexican stew closely associated with the Pacific-coast state of Guerrero. Anya von Bremzen's version, a green pozole, derives much of its flavor from tangy ingredients like tomatillos, cilantro, and green chiles.

    Total: 1 hr 15 mins

    Our Best Potato Recipes

    Our best scalloped potatoes, twice baked potatoes, and more are gathered into this unique potato recipe collection - just for you!

    How to Make Oven Roasted Prime Rib

    Learning how to make oven-cooked prime rib isn't difficult at all and can be a great addition to a holiday meal. It can easily be served with roasted potatoes and carrots cooked in the same pan and basted with the drippings.

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