Vegetarian Zucchini

Zucchini is a delicious vegetable that finds its way into many vegetarian kitchens. Primarily used in Italian cooking, zucchini receives a Mexican flair in vegetarian dishes like corn and potato tacos.

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    Vegetarian Zucchini Articles
    Easy Chicken Recipes: Herbed Chicken, Orzo, and Zucchini
    ... with Orzo and Zucchini -- also sounds healthy. Sounds fast. And it is very easy. Boneless, skinless chicken... Herbed Chicken with Orzo and Zucchini into the recipe "save" list. It'll save you lots of time. Make... weeknights easy with this Herbed Chicken with Orzo and Zucchini recipe!... read more...
    Secrets to Italian Cooking Plus a Recipe for Zucchini Chips
    ...-than-air zucchini chips with a spicy chile sauce that is an addictive take on the heavy, old-school fried zucchini... flour and an effervescent liquid for batter. He shares that recipe here. Spicy Fried Zucchini Yield 2... servings Time: 25 to 30 minutes 5- to 6-ounce zucchini (about 1 standard zucchini) 1 cup rice flour 1 cup... read more...
    Easy Vegetarian Recipes that Work in Winter
    ...It's easy to be a vegetarian in the summer. The season's bounty of fresh produce provides plenty..., and also a great part of many easy vegetarian recipes. Furthermore, your favorite cold-weather comfort.... To help you satisfy your vegetarian cold-weather cravings, we've got 12 delicious, easy vegetarian... read more...
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