Vegan Breads

Bread isn't just buttered any more. These yummy bread recipes serve as a bed for vegan soups and stews or as an ingredient in egg strata.

Cottage Cheese Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Pick the pan you have on hand--a loaf pan, a round pan, or a casserole dish,to bake this easy batter bread.

Sourdough Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

This hearty textured bread looks and tastes delightful when cut into thick slices and served with soft butter. The starter gives it a nice tangy flavor.

Olive Breadsticks

Better Homes and Gardens

These easy breadsticks are made with a biscuitlike dough. For the finest flavor, use imported black olives.

Pooris (Fried Puffy Bread)

Better Homes and Gardens

As you fry the breads, keep the finished pooris warm on a paper towel-lined baking sheet or plate in a 300 degree F oven.

Orange Chocolate-Chip Loaves

Family Circle

Studded with chocolate chips, this quick bread can be served as a midmorning snack or a not-so-sweet dessert.

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