Vegetarian Rice

Rice is a vegetarian-friendly grain found in cuisine ranging from Indian to Mexican. These vegetarian rice recipes offer familiar classics and new favorites that will bring your family back for seconds.

See Popular Vegetarian Rice Recipes

Mushroom Risotto with Peas

Better Homes and Gardens

A few minutes of prep work turns restaurant-favorite mushroom risotto into an easy slow-cooker dish.

Mango Rice with Tempered Yogurt


Rice that is tossed with mustard seeds and peanuts, spiked with raw mangoes and served with cooling yogurt, tempered in canola oil.

Total: 27 mins
Total: 45 mins

Nutty Brown-Rice Tabbouleh

Food & Wine

Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern salad typically made with bulgur (dried and ground or crushed wheat berries that are parboiled). Here, warm brown rice takes bulgur's place.

Total: 1 hr 20 mins

Brown Rice Salad with Basil & Pistachios

Fine Cooking Magazine

Cooking brown rice by the pasta method is quick and results in tender, separate grains with a nice chewy bite. The golden raising in the dressing give this dish a hint of sweetness.

Sizzled-Ginger Rice

Food & Wine
Total: 30 mins

Red Beans and Rice

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... Ready, set, go! With 10 minutes of prep and 5 minutes of cooking, this dish is sure to warm the soul.

Total: 15 mins

Fresh Vegetable Risotto

Better Homes and Gardens

Classic risotto is made with Arborio, an Italian short grain rice, simmered and constantly stirred, so it slowly absorbs the cooking liquid, resulting in a creamy, delicious dish.

Total: 35 mins

Lemony Spring Risotto

Family Circle

Showcase spring's finest in this veggie-packed rice dish.

Pecan-Orange Rice

Family Circle

Nutty tasting basmati rice blends beautifully with peas, pecans, and mandarin oranges in this flavorful side dish. Brown sugar adds just a hint of sweetness.

Edamame and Mushroom Risotto

Family Circle

Edamame, mushrooms, and rice are the stars of this satisfying vegetarian one-dish meal. A sprinkling of Parmesan cheese tops this healthy recipe.

Saucy Beans and Eggplant

Better Homes and Gardens

For a quick and filling main-dish recipe, try this saucy combination of brown rice, eggplant, and navy beans.

Total: 20 mins

Tex-Mex Risotto Cakes With Yogurt-Cilantro Sauce

Family Circle

Let these cheesy black bean and rice cakes star in a vegetarian dinner.

Risotto Cakes

Fine Cooking Magazine

Reheated leftover risotto is dense and mushy and not very good. But leftover risotto shaped into little cakes, coated in crumbs, and fried to a crunchy golden brown is a special treat. You can experiement with different types of leftover risotto for these cakes, but it works best if there aren't a lot of chunky ingredients in the risotto (such as shrimp or sausage). Try it with leftover Risotto alla Milanese or Spinach & Herb Risotto.

Baked Brown Rice Pudding

Fine Cooking Magazine

This one is my family's favorite. Brown rice gives a deep, nutty flavor, while a sugared nut topping delivers crunch. Precooking the rice shaves off half the baking time.

Jamaican Rice & Peas

Fine Cooking Magazine

This is really a rice and beans dish, but in Jamaica, beans are called peas. Mark Henry, the banquet chef at the Pooks Hill Marriott in Bethesda, Maryland, serves this aromatic dish to accompany his Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

Spiced Basmati Rice with Peanuts

Better Homes and Gardens

Basmati rice adds a unique aroma and flavor to this spicy side dish.

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