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Vegetarian Rice

Rice is a vegetarian-friendly grain found in cuisine ranging from Indian to Mexican. These vegetarian rice recipes offer familiar classics and new favorites that will bring your family back for seconds.

Mushroom Risotto with Peas

Better Homes and Gardens

A few minutes of prep work turns restaurant-favorite mushroom risotto into an easy slow-cooker dish.

Pecan-Orange Rice

Family Circle

Nutty tasting basmati rice blends beautifully with peas, pecans, and mandarin oranges in this flavorful side dish. Brown sugar adds just a hint of sweetness.

Fresh Vegetable Risotto

Better Homes and Gardens

Classic risotto is made with Arborio, an Italian short grain rice, simmered and constantly stirred, so it slowly absorbs the cooking liquid, resulting in a creamy, delicious dish.

Total: 35 mins

Edamame and Mushroom Risotto

Family Circle

Edamame, mushrooms, and rice are the stars of this satisfying vegetarian one-dish meal. A sprinkling of Parmesan cheese tops this healthy recipe.

Lemony Spring Risotto

Family Circle

Showcase spring's finest in this veggie-packed rice dish.

Spiced Basmati Rice with Peanuts

Better Homes and Gardens

Basmati rice adds a unique aroma and flavor to this spicy side dish.

Wheat Berry And Wild Rice Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

This meatless whole grain salad can be either a main dish or a side.

Tex-Mex Risotto Cakes With Yogurt-Cilantro Sauce

Family Circle

Let these cheesy black bean and rice cakes star in a vegetarian dinner.

Saucy Beans and Eggplant

Better Homes and Gardens

For a quick and filling main-dish recipe, try this saucy combination of brown rice, eggplant, and navy beans.

Total: 20 mins

Nutty Meatless Loaf

Better Homes and Gardens

Vegetarian Fried Rice

Better Homes and Gardens

Transform fried rice from a side dish into a sumptuous meal by adding extra eggs and lots of vegetables.

Total: 30 mins

Spicy Barley and Rice

Better Homes and Gardens

Chopped chipotle peppers bring a spicy touch to this healthy barley, rice, and spinach recipe. Toasted pecans add a crunchy texture.

Risotto with Leeks and Radicchio

Better Homes and Gardens

Be sure to stir in the radicchio at the last minute. Its brilliant ruby coloring fades quickly when mixed with the warm rice.

Vegetable Risotto

Family Circle

The key to perfectly creamy risotto: constant stirring as you slowly add stock. Trust us, though this tasty vegetable and rice side dish is worth the arm workout!

Buffet Wild Rice

Diabetic Living

Barley and wild rice combine with fruit and vegetables in this healthful side dish recipe to serve with chicken, pork, or beef.

Brown Rice-Stuffed Peppers

Diabetic Living

This whole grain recipe version of Spanish rice is served in a sweet pepper but could be in a bowl as a side dish. It goes well with chicken or pork.

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