Vegetarian recipes are no longer on the fringe: Some estimates have the nation's population of vegetarians at more than seven million, but even carnivores have embraced ideas like "meatless Mondays" to curb their meat consumption and promote healthy eating. Here's a secret about eating vegetarian - the food isn't just healthier, it actually tastes good. (We promise!) Even tofu, which is fairly bland, can be jazzed up with marinades and creative cooking methods (try it broiled!). Try making some of your favorite dishes without the meat - you might be surprised at how much flavor remains ( spaghetti with homemade sauce is still great without the meatballs, Asian stir-fries are delicious with just veggies, tofu and a handful of peanuts). You can even make vegetarian crock pot recipes! So if you're in a meat-eating rut, try making a vegetarian recipe once in awhile - you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

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    Vegetarian Recipes: Take your pick!
    Vegetarian Articles
    Easy Vegetarian Recipes that Work in Winter
    ...It's easy to be a vegetarian in the summer. The season's bounty of fresh produce provides plenty..., and also a great part of many easy vegetarian recipes. Furthermore, your favorite cold-weather comfort.... To help you satisfy your vegetarian cold-weather cravings, we've got 12 delicious, easy vegetarian... read more...
    Tailgating Time! 10 Crowd-Pleasing Vegetarian Recipes
    .... Vegetarians generally get left out in the cold when it comes to Green Bay pregame menus--and at stadiums... eaters and vegetarians alike. Your winning line-up: Nacho Potato Skins Tortilla chips are a good nacho... sweetens up the frosting and the batter itself. Yum! Get more vegetarian recipes here.... read more...
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    by Midwest Living
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