Roasted Potatoes

Just the smell of potatoes roasting in the oven may make your mouth water. Just wait unitl you try Roasted Potato Kabobs, Roasted Potato and Garlic Soup, or Roasted Potato Salad.

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Total: 50 mins
Total: 35 mins

Simple Roasted Potatoes

Fine Cooking Magazine

Use these crisp potatoes in Roasted Potato Salad with Bell Peppers, Corn & Tomatoes, Roasted Potato Salad with Fennel & Salsa Verde, Roasted Potato Salad with Crispy Prosciutto, and Roasted Potato Salad with Green Beans, Feta & Mint.

Fingerling Potatoes

Better Homes and Gardens

For a delicious side dish, roast fingerling potatoes in a baking pan or roast them in a roasting pan with turkey.

Roasted Potato Kabobs

Better Homes and Gardens

Precooking the potatoes in a microwave give these easy vegetable and herb kabobs a fluffy texture.

Pot Roast and Salt-Crusted Potatoes with Horseradish Cream

Ladies' Home Journal

Potatoes and carrots cook with the beef, making this recipe a quick one to prepare. Then just let it roast until it's done. The creamy sauce comes together in minutes.

Total: 2 hrs 45 mins

How to Make Roasted Potatoes

Knowing how to roast potatoes will be a skill you are thankful to have and is easily mastered. You can serve them hot out of the oven or use them in a roasted-potato salad dish; the options are endless!

Five-Herb Roasted Carrots and Potatoes

Midwest Living

A mix of chives, oregano, Italian parsley, rosemary, and sage make this side dish wonderfully fragrant and irresistibly delicious.

Skillet Wrinkled Potatoes

Better Homes and Gardens

A bright, peppery cilantro-and-almond pesto is the perfect dressing for this unique potato side dish. A light dusting of Ancho chili powder adds depth and just the right amount of heat. Fresh cilantro -- known as coriander in many other regions of the world -- adds a peppery kick, with citrus overtones, to a large variety of dishes. Look for vibrant green leaves with no signs of wilting or browning.

Skillet Salt-Roasted Potatoes

Better Homes and Gardens

Roasted Potatoes & Turnips

Fine Cooking Magazine

Adding a bit of broth at the start of roasting gives these vegetables a creamier, softer texture than dry-roasting more like potatoes that have been roasted alongside a hefty cut of meat. During roasting, the vegetables absorb the broth and then begin to brown. Once you try this recipe, you might be surprised by how much you like turnips.

Herbed Potato Wedges

Better Homes and Gardens

Balsamic vinegar adds flavor depth to potato wedges in this baked side dish recipe.

Roasted Fall Vegetables

The Food Channel

Yukon gold, red bliss, and blue potatoes are combined with sliced fennel, carrots and garlic tossed in olive oil and slow roasted until tender and caramelized. Do not let this recipe fool you, it sounds simple but delivers rich, full flavor. People always ask me what the secret is and are surprised to hear it's simply salt and pepper.

Total: 1 hr

Molasses-Tossed Potatoes

Better Homes and Gardens

Using a variety of small potatoes adds visual interest to this sweet and sharp-flavored side dish.

Four-Veggie Roast

Better Homes and Gardens

Roasting vegetables at high heat brings out sugars that caramelize in the pan while sealing in healthful goodness and flavor.

Herb-Roasted Potatoes

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